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October 27 - 2014
Raymond A. Merriman©

Financial Market Analyst & Market Timer.

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Review and Preview :

The lows of October 15-16 have held in most world stock indices. As reported previously, that was the midpoint of the current Mercury retrograde cycle, which ends this weekend, October 25.

This particular Mercury retrograde time band (October 4-25) was a wild one for many financial markets, with impressive reversals right in the middle. As stock prices collapsed into those lows only a week ago, many analysts became convinced that a new bear market was underway. This week, many of those same analysts are convinced the bull market has returned, or never left. This vacillation of position is very typical of Mercury retrograde. Do not be surprised if their opinions change again next week. Mercury may be ending its retrograde motion, but it will take a week before it gets back to its normal speed.

As stock markets around the world rebounded last week, precious metals and currencies started back down. Their lows of early October, when Mercury started its retrograde motion, are still holding. Crude Oil, on the other hand, continues to struggle holding above the 80.00 mark, its lowest level in three years.

Best Trades of the Past Week :

This section of the weekly column will resume after the Forecast 2015 Book is completed. I need all the time I can muster to finish this year's book, as we enter the "Post-Cardinal Climax Era". So many possibilities. so many opportunities. .

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Short-Term Geocosmics and Longer-Term Thoughts :  

The wild times have begun.

It is not just Mercury retrograde, or even the fact that this Mercury retrograde started in a water (emotional) sign, but ended in an air (mental) sign, the importance of which was discussed last week. We will next be moving into a period when both the retrograde and direct Mercury will be in an air sign, and start with the Earth also in an air sign (all in Aquarius, starting January 21, 2015). It seems these periods correlate to sharp declines in stock prices and pullbacks in the economy, as illustrated last week. It happens about every seven years (the last time was in 2008). One reader asked if this was the case during the stock market highs of 1929, and also 1835 or 1857. Indeed, it was in 1929 and 1857 (but not 1835).

The concept of "wild times", where markets undergo sharp reversals and even new bear trends, is a characteristic of Uranus. In the study of Financial Astrology (or modern day astrology), Uranus is considered the "higher octave" of Mercury. Both rule air signs (Mercury rules Gemini, an air sign, and Uranus rules Aquarius, an air sign). As air sign rulers, they also have a correspondence with mental activity. Mercury, Uranus, and air signs are considered planets and signs of the intellect. In the case of Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury, it can pertain to a very gifted and brilliant mind, but not necessarily a rational or practical intellect. Ideas come out of nowhere and may be viewed by others as truly original and unconventional, or completely impractical and even bizarre. If they work, the originator is a genius. If they fail, the person may be labeled as mentally deranged, incompetent, or worse. He/she is too "wild" in their speculative thoughts. People dismiss their ideas as "crazy". What happens next can be even crazier, wilder, and even dangerous if left unchecked.

I bring this up, because not only are we in the air signs part of the Mercury retrograde cycle for the next year, but also because we are about to enter a time band when Mars will transit from Capricorn to Aries, the signs that presently contain Pluto and Uranus respectively. That cosmic journey will take place November 11, 2014, through March 11, 2015. This is significant because that will also coincide with the last two passages of the powerful Uranus-Pluto waxing squares, which take place December 15 and March 16-17. As you can see, this will also overlap the start of the air-air-air cycle of Mercury retrograde/direct and the Sun starting on January 21. It has the potential to be a highly charged period around the world, not only in terms of financial markets and their volatility, but also in terms of mundane events that highlight the principles of Uranus as just described. These events can unnerve societies everywhere, if not monitored closely. In the past couple of weeks, we have witnessed events that already exhibit these principles, and illustrate these dangers (Ebola, terrorists in Canada, etc).

As Financial and Mundane Astrologers, we pay close attention to not only financial markets, but also socio-political-economic events that can roil markets as the geocosmic picture begins to take shape. We are about to enter one of these highly combustible cosmic windows of time starting November 11, but we are starting to observe events associated with these geocosmic patterns even now. The idea is that the financial markets will also react in ways that similarly reflect what is happening in society. As people began to act erratically and cause disruptions socially, so too do financial markets behave erratically. Watch especially the period nearby to November 10-13, when Mars conjuncts Pluto and squares Uranus, as the Sun and Jupiter square one another too. This signifies surprising events socially and politically (perhaps with military overtones), upsets at the polls and in sporting events, freakish natural activity, and large price swings in financial markets. Observe normal precautions where safety is concerned. If not careful, this can be a time of hysteria. If under control, it can be a time if brilliant thought and spectacular feats.

Mars will enter Capricorn on Sunday, October 26. This is a very important ingress because it will form a conjunction to the Sun, and opposition to Pluto, in the Federal Reserve Board chart (December 23, 1913). It starts out well enough because both the Sun and Venus will form a trine to Neptune on Monday-Tuesday, October 27-28. However, the combination of geocosmic signatures, along with Mercury turning direct on Saturday, October 25, can correlate with the end of any corrective price movements in financial markets. Thus, the week ahead is likely to tell us whether the stock market rally of the past week is just the end of a correction in a new bear market, or the start of a new bull market thrust upwards.

Finally, the following week will witness the USA mid-term elections (November 4). Will the Democrats retain control of the Senate ? Or will the Republicans gain control over both sectors of Congress ? Mercury retrograde has coincided with gains in the polls for more Republicans than Democrats. But that momentum could begin to reverse with Mercury changing directions and three planets (Sun, Venus, Mars) changing signs right now, October 23-26. Will there be enough time to alter the polls between now and then ? Not likely, unless there is some other dramatic revelation unveiled. You never know when Uranus is sitting at the head of the table, or in control of the levers.

Just like the financial markets, people are in a time of flux. They want change, and they themselves are changing their positions. If the cosmos says anything right now, change is coming. It is going to be a wild and exciting time for the next five months. And then all the experimentation of the last seven years ends. A semblance of normalcy begins to return. Common sense with a longer-term approach towards solving problems becomes vogue once again. People start working on creative solutions rather than courting destructive divisions. Polarization starts to give way to unification. It may take a while to sink in, but a new era is coming as the cosmic pattern of the 7-year Cardinal Climax begins to recede.

Longer-Term Thoughts :


To be continued (next week).

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