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July 6 - 2015
Raymond A. Merriman©

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Review and Preview :

This is the Independence Day holiday weekend in the USA. Thus, we start with a Happy Birthday to the USA on its 239 th birthday, or - as astrologers would say - solar return.

Nearly all global equity markets suffered sharp losses last week, especially early in the week, as it became apparent that Greece would default on the repayment of its IMF loan. This was unfortunate from a cosmic viewpoint, since the planetary alignment early last week was the most favorable and benign that will be seen for a while. But it has been apparent for several months - even years, now - that Greece has little inclination to pay back her debt.

Many equity markets dropped to new multi-month lows. In Europe, the Netherlands AEX, German DAX, and Zurich SMI fell early in the week to their lowest levels since February. The London FTSE fell all week, to its lowest mark since December. The Russian MICEX, however, was quiet for a change. That might be a signal of a new relationship developing with Greece, possibly opening up new consumers for Russian goods and services.

In Asia and the Pacific Rim, it was a little more bizarre. First, the biggest loser last week was China, where the Shanghai Index dropped to 3624 on Friday, July 3, its lowest level since March. More importantly, that represented a decline of 30% since its multi-year high of 5178 attained less than one month ago. These are the type of percentage declines that we expect to see when 4-year or greater cycles are due, as is also due in the USA in 2015-2017. The Australian All Ords was also weak, falling on Friday to its lowest level since January. Both the Nikkei and Hang Seng indices also fell last week, but not too badly. However, in a reversal of other world indices, India's equity market rallied to their highest level since April.

In the USA, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell to 17,576 on Tuesday, June 30, a level not seen since February. The Bovespa of Brazil also fell to its lowest level since April. However, Argentina's Merval index made a new monthly high late last week to buck the trend.

The defaults of Greece did not bode well for the precious metals or Crude Oil either, as investors flocked back to the U.S. Dollar. A rising Dollar is generally negative for commodities. Gold fell to 1155 on July 2, it lowest price since March, and nearing a new multi-year low of 1130. Silver dropped to 1543 on June 30, its lowest price since its March 11 primary cycle trough. Crude Oil fell back to the $55/barrel area, a decline of 10% from the prior week's high.

All in all, the market ended on a note of worry about the future of the world economy, financial system, and political landscape. There was a cosmic opportunity for cooperation and agreement last week, but once again, it was squandered or sabotaged by leaders whose agenda does not include accountability. It is so "Saturn-back-into Scorpio." There are consequences for past actions related to debt, and not a time of forgiveness or mercy (see Longer-Term Thoughts).

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Short-Term Geocosmics :  

We are leaving the soft and harmonious aspects of Venus and Jupiter now. Coming up next are the hard and challenging aspects involving the Sun and Mars to Uranus and Pluto. As stated last week, "The cosmic balance shifts sharply after the first few days of July. From the harmonious aspects between the three benefics of the solar system (Sun, Venus, and Jupiter), the sounds of disgruntlement and the drums of war begin to beat as both the Sun and Mars fall into a cardinal T-square formation with Uranus and Pluto, July 6-25. It is like being on a picnic on a nice, sunny day, when all of a sudden dark clouds gather, the wind picks up, and a ferocious storm starts to envelope the area. The race to the Venus/Uranus retrograde is underway, at the same time the last passage of the Mars T-square to Uranus/Pluto takes place (July 25)."

From July 6-12, the Sun will translate the Uranus/Pluto square. This portends sharp price swings in many financial, markets, related to sudden and unexpected announcements from world leaders, or sudden and unexpected developments with nature, such as earthquakes, heat waves, high winds, and electrical failures. This is followed by Mars making the same aspects July 15-25. It ends when Venus and Uranus both turn retrograde, July 25-26, which is to say something political ends then, but another financial headline story erupts at the same time. The rest of this month has geocosmic promise of being quite eventful and possibly disruptive, as if something could be more disruptive and eventful than the world experienced last week.

Longer-Term Thoughts :

Greece is analyzing possibly taking legal action against the European institutions to block its exit from the Eurozone, according to Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, whose country is expected to fail to make Tuesday's payment to the International Monetary Fund, or IMF. "The Greek government will make use of all our legal rights," Varoufakis told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday (June 30). Greece, according to the newspaper, has threatened to file a court order to not only block the expulsion from the shared currency, but also to avoid stifling the country's banking system. "We are taking advice and will certainly consider an injunction at the European Court of Justice. The EU treaties make no provision for euro exit and we refuse to accept it. Our membership is not negotiable," the minister argued. EFE News Services, London, June 30, 2015.

You knew this was coming if you read this column over the past month. Greece isn't going to pay and they won't exit the Euro Union or the Eurozone. And why should they, since they are absolutely right: The EU treaties make no provision for forcing any country out of the Eurozone. No one can make them leave. They can only exit on their own decision. Here is truly a case of being too big to fail, even if the press is trying to create the illusion that they are a small country and their defiance can be easily contained. It can't, unless the court rules otherwise - unless the court makes up its own interpretation of the treaty (the laws enacted by legislative processes). We see that happening elsewhere. This is the Cardinal Climax all over again, with the same cosmic players (Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto) all in hard aspects again through the end of this year.

There are numerous astrological correlates to what is unfolding on the world stage today. However, let's just discuss this for now: Saturn has retrograded back into Scorpio, while at the same time it makes a hard semi-square (45°) aspect to Pluto and another hard sesquiquadrate (135° ) aspect to Uranus. Keep in mind that Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, so the Saturn transit back to Scorpio makes this semi-square with Pluto doubly important. It is a mutual reception, but by no means an easy one.

As Saturn moves from Sagittarius back to Scorpio (June 15 through September 18), it suggests that past debts (Saturn) must now be repaid (Scorpio), or else there are consequences (Saturn hard aspect to Pluto). The location of Saturn is also interesting, for the last four degrees of Scorpio (26-29°) is the strangest sector of all the zodiac (in my opinion). This sector has a quality much like Uranus, which means very unpredictable, full of surprising twists and turns, but never quite able to conform or agree to anything or anybody. This is the "maverick" area of the tropical zodiac, where people do not act as expected, let alone as others would wish them to act. They go way outside "the box." Sometimes it works, but more often than not, it leaves them isolated and alone. In addition, Saturn also represents delays and resistance.

This is the cosmic environment in which deadlines have been imposed upon both Greece and Iran. Neither is likely to confirm. Both are likely to propose new and unworkable proposals that are rejected by others who wish to hold them to their words, to their past agreements.

Last week was probably the best chance this summer for a workable agreement, given the cosmic alignment. It will be interesting now to see what world leaders do in response to the missed deadlines and unacceptable or rejected proposals. Expect some very outlandish new proposals to be made. But do not expect open and sincere negotiations and compromises. One can always hope for this, and we do. But as investors, it may be better to plan for opposing parties to dig in their heels and take the punches. It has the makings of a real slugfest.

As investors and traders, you must ask yourself: which markets benefit from these dynamics? As people who care about this planet, one might ask: how can we get past resentment and unaccountability, to a state of forgiveness and healing? This is the message and challenge of Saturn returning back to Scorpio this summer.

To be continued (next week).

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No guarantee as to the accuracy of this report is being made here. Any decisions in financial markets are solely the responsibility of the reader, and neither the author nor the publishers assume any responsibility at all for those individual decisions. Reader should understand that futures and options trading are considered high risk.

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