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January 31 - 2011

Raymond A. Merriman©

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The Market Week in Review :

You can tell the Sun is in Aquarius now because financial markets are all over the place. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet of non-conformity, chaos, and rebelliousness against the norm. Financial markets were anything but normal or conforming last week, with many breaking below support or above resistance. Some stock indices made new yearly highs while others made new multi-month lows. As one looks at the stock indices of the entire world, last week was chaotic. Commodities were not much better, with Wheat back to its yearly highs, and Gold and Silver falling to multi-month lows.

In the Pacific Rim and Asia, the most noteworthy stock index was India's NIFTY. On Friday, January 28, it fell to its lowest level since August 2010. The Hang Seng of Hong Kong was down all week as well. By comparison, the Japanese Nikkei and Australian All Ordinaries stock indices had "inside weeks". That is, their weekly range was below the prior week's high and above their prior week's low.

Now compare this to Europe's equity markets last week. Here, the Netherlands AEX and German DAX continued to rally to their highest levels in over two years on Thursday, January 27. But neither the London FTSE nor the Swiss SMI stock index did the same. They rallied into Thursday, but only modestly, and well below their highs of even the week before.

In the Americas, the Dow Jones Industrial Average poked above 12,000 intraday on the each of the last three days last week for the first time in nearly three years. But it couldn't close above 12,000. By Friday, it was testing 11,800 . The NASDAQ Composite, by comparison, couldn't exceed its high of the prior week, and also fell hard on Friday. In Argentina, the Merval index soared to another new all-time high late last week. But Brazil's Bovespa declined all week.

Financial Astrologers may have also noticed that the most erratic (but typical) Sun-in-Aquarius behavior was reserved for the precious metals' sector. Gold tumbled to the 1300 area early Friday. That was its lowest level since late August 2010. By the end of the day, it was testing 1350, a huge turn around. This behavior is as much related to the Sun in Aquarius as it is to heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius, which is in effect January 25-February 4. Silver likewise plummeted all week, falling to 2630 early Friday morning, January 28. That was its lowest level since mid-November. But later in the day, it was back up above 2800. Could this be the start of another test of the all-time highs ? The next two weeks may be critical in this determination.

Short-Term Geocosmics :  

One of the more important geocosmic signatures in effect right now is Heliocentric Mercury transiting through Sagittarius (January 25-February 4). This transit has a very high correlation to strong rallies of at least 3-9 trading days in currencies (against the U.S. Dollar) and precious metals. Sometimes the low begins as much as 1-2 weeks before the ingress into Sagittarius, and sometimes it starts right at the beginning. In the current case, the rally in currencies started January 10, when the Euro currency made its primary cycle trough (below 1.2900) and the Swiss Franc a major cycle low. They then started a rally that really escalated last week. The Euro currency traded above 1.3750 on Thursday. Gold and Silver, on the other hand, declined sharply from their highs the first trading day of this year, to a low on Friday, January 28. These markets did not follow their normal course, which is to rally during the first three days of heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius, and not fall to new lows then. But by Friday morning the low of the week was in, and both metals turned around sharply, as would normally be expected during this transit.

This week we also see the start of a rather heavily populated time band of geocosmic signatures. On February 2, Venus will make a waning square (270 degrees distance) to Uranus. Since Uranus rules Aquarius, and is the lord of chaos and non-conformity, the sharp and sudden turns in financial markets are likely to continue. That same day is a new moon in Aquarius, which also coincides with sharp price movements, especially in precious metals.

As if that is not enough, the Sun and Mars come into conjunction on Friday, February 4.The importance of these two fiery gods was described last week as follows, "In a study I presented at one of the Astro Economic conferences in Chicago several years ago, I demonstrated that this conjunction - with an orb of 1-4 weeks - had the highest correlation to 10% or greater moves in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. That is, the stock market would make a high or low that was at least 10% from a prior high or low, and then commence a 10+% counter trend reversal during the orb of influence associated with this planetary conjunction... The Sun-Mars conjunction suggests that a top could be forming in this period from which prices will now drop 10%, before resuming the next leg up to new highs".

February 4 is also the day that heliocentric Mercury moves from the highly energetic sign of Sagittarius, to the much more sobering sign of Capricorn. Whereas price movements of currencies and precious metals' tend to be large and mostly up in Sagittarius, the opposite is usually the case when it is Capricorn (February 4-15). February 4 is also important because the Labor Department will release its monthly payroll and unemployment numbers. That alone can move markets sharply, especially when taking place in Aquarius.

But there is more. Geocentric Venus makes its ingress from Sagittarius into Capricorn too on February 4. Previously we discussed the possibility that Venus in Sagittarius (January 7-Ferbruaty 4) would see more days of rising stock prices than falling, with a potential short-term top during that period. That has been the case this time once again.

Fasten your seat belts. This week is poised to be another week of explosive market behavior, and perhaps coinciding with explosive geopolitical or natural activity as well. It could even continue into the full moon of February 18, just before the Sun moves from Aquarius into Pisces.

Long-Term Thoughts :

In the study of astrology, planets beyond the orbit of Mars are referred to as "outer planets". Their orbits around the Sun last anywhere from approximately 12 years in the case of Jupiter, to 248 years in the case of Pluto. Whenever an outer planet changes from one sign of the zodiac to another, it is referred to as an "ingress" of that planet. And you can quickly dismissed the recent notion that there are 13 signs to the zodiac. If they wish to include a 13 th constellation, then why not include the other 50+ constellations ? The astrology we practice is not constellational-based. It is seasonally based, and the zodiac refers more to seasons than constellations. At one point in time about 2000 years ago, they matched up. But with the tilt of the earth at the rate of one degree every 72 years, that time has long passed, and won't return again for over 20,000 years.

But back to the point... This past week, Jupiter ingressed into Aries. That is, it exited Pisces, and entered the zodiac sign of Aries. Normally an ingress of Jupiter into a new sign of the zodiac will last about one year. Due to its retrograde motion, Jupiter first entered Aries on June 6, 2010. It retrograded back into Pisces on September 9, where it remained until last weekend, January 22, at which time it ingressed back into Aries. It will continue its passage all the way through Aries now until June 4, when it will makes its ingress into Taurus.

Thus it can be said that Jupiter will now be in Aries, January 22-June 4. This represents a new collective psychological dynamic that combines the principals of Jupiter (expansion, optimism, exaggeration, hopefulness, confidence, and over-reaching) with Aries (competitive, combative, assertive, aggressive, and impatient). Thus this portends a period of many promises of an overly large and exaggerated nature, with more than the usual amount of desire to succeed and prosper - at any cost. This will likely be a time when the future looks brighter than it has for several years. In response, investors are more likely to re-enter the stock markets, driving prices higher, as has been the case since the first passage of Jupiter into Aries back in early June 2010.

A look at the stock markets of the world will show clearly that most bottomed in late May 2010. The USA stock markets continued falling to a slightly lower low in the first week of July. This phenomenon of some stock indices bottoming at one time, and other indices bottoming a few weeks or months later, is known as "bullish intermarket divergence". It is one of the most valuable tools for identifying a trend reversal, when combined with Financial Astrology indications of a trend reversal. At the 4-year bottom in March 2003, as the U.S. commenced its invasion of Iraq, the stock markets of Europe bottomed, but the USA markets did not. They bottomed five months earlier, in October 2002. This was yet another example of bullish intermarket divergence, but this time the order of lows was reversed between the USA and other world markets. The USA bottomed first in 2002-2003, but Europe bottomed first in the lows of May through July 2010.

The point of all this is that we are now entering into a new collective psychology. Jupiter in Aries represents greater confidence in the future, and a greater competitiveness for profits. It is also the basis for the forecast that stock markets around the world would top out sometime between January and June 2011. When Jupiter ingresses into Taurus on June 4, 2011, it will mark yet another change in collective psychology. It won't be as aggressive and optimistic, though the profits generated by Jupiter in Aries may remain stable through the most of the time Jupiter is in Taurus (June 4, 2011-June 11, 2012). However, since the stock market usually leads the economy by 3-9 months, this does not mean stock prices will remain bullish throughout Jupiter in Taurus. It will likely top out before Jupiter leaves Taurus, and maybe nearby to the time it leaves Aries.

Note : Every so often I need to remind readers that the purpose of this column is educational. It is to discuss the correlation of astrological factors with activity in financial markets and geopolitical, or current, events. This is the basis for Financial and Mundane Astrology. Its purpose is not to make specific recommendations on financial markets. For that purpose, we have specially designed subscription reports for investors, position traders, and aggressive, short-term traders. Those reports are issued monthly, weekly, and/or daily. They give specific recommendations in several financial markets. This column does not. It would be most unwise, and even financially dangerous, to make trading and even investment decisions on the basis of this educational column alone.

To be continued... (next week)  

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