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February 7 - 2011

Raymond A. Merriman©

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The Market Week in Review :

There is just no stopping this "Asset Inflation Express" in stocks. As stated so many times in this column over the past year, as well as both the Forecast 2010 and 2011 books, the Jupiter and Uranus transit into Aries is likely to bullish for stocks into the middle of this year. It started when both planets first moved into Aries in late May, early June 2010.

Most of the world stock indices bottomed in late May 2010, whereas the USA stock market had one more new low to make in the first week of July. Since that time - and especially after Saturn left the oppositions and squares in the Cardinal Climax in the last week of August - most world stock indices have been on an upward tear. This is entirely consistent with the principles of Financial Astrology, and also correlates with the history of Jupiter-Uranus conjunctions. Stock markets don't usually top out until 4-7 months after that conjunction. The final Jupiter-Uranus conjunction passage in the current series took place January 4, 2011. Everything continues in its proper order related to this combination. Of course there are other combinations that are also in effect, and which must also be accounted for, such as the 26-month Sun-Mars conjunction that just took place on Friday, February 4.

Last week witnessed more new 30-month highs in several stock indices of the world, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average, NASDAQ Composite. Argentine Merval, German DAX, and Netherlands AEX. All made these new highs between the Aquarian new moon of Wednesday, February 2, and Friday's Sun-Mars conjunction (February 4). The run to higher prices may not be over. That is, there is no technical sign of a top yet, even though the market timing qualities of Financial Astrology suggests that at least a corrective reversal could start at any time now. This is what is known as a critical reversal period, per the criteria given in "The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 3 : Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles".

The Asset Inflation Express extended to several commodity markets last week too. Gold and Silver, for example, were up all week. The grain markets (Corn, Soybeans, and Wheat) all made new 2-year highs last week, as did Crude Oil. However, in the case of Crude Oil, prices fell back sharply into the end of the week. Many currencies were strong last week too against the U.S. Dollar, though they started to pull back Thursday and Friday following these multi-week highs.

To be sure, last week was quite dynamic. It was a very good reflection of the planetary picture, particularly the new moon in Aquarius on February 2 and the Sun-Mars conjunction of February 4. As Financial Astrologers everywhere would have expected, it was a week of aggressive behavior and the urge to fight for one's beliefs as to what is right.

Short-Term Geocosmics :  

But now the geocosmic picture begins to change. And this is not just a little change in the eyes of Financial Astrologers.

Let me explain. In the study of astrology, the most energetic signs are known as fire signs (Aries, Leo, and especially Sagittarius). When several planets are in these signs, investors are aggressive, confident, and stock prices tend to go up. It is similar when they are in air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius), though not so much due to aggressiveness as due to positive news. On the other hand the earth signs tend to be more cautious, even fearful. When several planets are in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn), equity markets tend to pause, or even retreat, as investors reassess the economic and political climate.

We already discussed the bullish impact of Jupiter and Uranus in the fire sign of Aries. That's not going to change for awhile, although Uranus has retrograded back into Pisces, but will return to Aries on March 11. But heliocentric Mercury and geocentric Venus have also been in Sagittarius lately, thus adding fuel to the bullish engine in stocks. Those later two conditions will now change. Both will move from the overly optimistic sign of Sagittarius to the much more realistic and cautionary sign of Capricorn, starting this weekend. The implication is that a correction will begin, or at least the market will likely pause in its upswing during this period. It doesn't negate the bull market, for after all, the larger planets of Jupiter and Uranus are still in their bullish phases. But it could indicate a time of contraction, or a correction, to the recent trend.

Then there is the matter of planets. Just as fire signs tend to stimulate market activity - and usually in a bullish manner - so too can the fiery Sun and planet Mars. They are together in the skies now. Symbolically this just stokes the flames of excitement, whether it is for higher stock prices and greater profits, or the universal quest for freedom and the overthrow of perceived repressive regimes.

The Sun-Mars conjunction takes place in the revolutionary-minded sign of Aquarius. Interestingly enough, Uranus rules Aquarius, and Uranus is about to re-enter Aries for the next seven years. What has been unfolding in Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, and to some extent Syria and Iran, is just the beginning. This unrest is apt to threaten the overthrow many regimes, and even the United States is not likely to be spared from this threat by the time Uranus reaches its middle degrees in 2013-2014, and forms its 90 degree square aspect to Pluto, all in the same degrees as the USA natal Sun-Saturn square. The Sun rules the president, Saturn its government. Either all parties move into this new future together, as partners, or they separate and new structures are formed as old structures are torn down.

But back to this week, and the next couple of weeks to follow. This turn of attention, away from the confidence builders of Sagittarius and Sun-Mars, towards the worrisome Capricorn and the approaching Jupiter-Pluto 90 degree square on February 25, all has to do with debt and governance. The world is still swimming in debt, and it seems the only entities that were truly helped with the aggressive monetary policies of the past two years were banks and their bankers. The disdain that the populace currently feels towards many world leaders that are viewed as tyrannical, dictatorial and repressive, is matched only by the growing awareness of how recent monetary policies and political decisions have favored banks at the expense of ordinary taxpayers, when the announced purpose was just the opposite. Here is a report you might want to check out that illustrates part of the problem :

The month of January was favorable for stocks, and so far the first week of February has been too. In fact, it is possible the investment community looks favorably upon stocks for the first half of this year. Bu there is the matter of the history of the Sun-Mars conjunction. As stated before, it oftentimes ends trends of 10 + % in stock markets, and quite often begins 10% counter-trend moves. The orb of time can be as much as 4 weeks. If the USA doesn't soon raise its debt ceiling, the hysteria of default will quickly engulf the investment community, and stock prices could fall 10% very fast, just the way the Sun-Mars likes it.

This week it was announced that the USA debt ceiling would be hit by the first week of April, if nothing is done first. Judging by everything that has occurred with the White House and Congress over the past two years, it is likely that this important decision will also come down to the wire. But if you look at what is happening in the heavens during the last week of March and first week of April, the picture isn't rosy to the view of a Financial Astrologer. On March 28, Jupiter will be in a 180-degree opposition to Saturn, and the Sun a 90-degree square to Pluto. Two days later, on March 30, Mercury goes retrograde (until April 22). On April 3, Mars will have just entered Aries and form a conjunction to Uranus, on the same day that the Sun will be in opposition to Saturn. What does this all mean ? It suggests that the threat of a default is very real, as politicians stand-off with one another. They probably come to a last minute agreement that no one likes, and for which there will once again be unintended (and even unimagined) consequences, requiring them to change (negate) their sloppily-attained agreements soon after.

For us, the question will be : how can stock markets go up during this period of political and governmental folly (incompetence) ? That is why we could have a 10% decline, but immediately afterwards, another 10% rally. Let's see how it plays out, as the countdown to drama is now likely to begin in the next three weeks, Maybe this new Congress will show us a better and more efficient way to get things done that need to be achieved in a timely manner.

Long-Term Thoughts :

"The greatest mistake everyone makes is to judge their opponents by themselves. You MUST understand the beliefs of the other if you are to ever comprehend solutions. You cannot force your opponent to adopt your beliefs and if they refuse, you go to war".

- Martin A. Armstrong, "The Assent of China," , January 30, 2011.

There are so many themes we could address this week. We could examine the regime change unfolding in Egypt, as part of the 7-year quest for individual freedom within the extremely revolutionary-minded transit of Uranus (and now Jupiter) in the sign of Aries. We could discuss the soon-to-come USA default, related to the current transit of Pluto in Capricorn, in opposition to the USA natal Jupiter position, a classical "bankruptcy" combination (2008-2013). Or we can talk about Ophiuchus, the so-called 13 th sign of the zodiac, the title of a forthcoming movie and recent book that has the public more confused than ever about the study of astrology.

So let's tackle this matter of Ophiuchus this week.

I first heard about Ophiuchus in the early 1970's. There was a book that had come out, called something like "The Thirteenth Sign," by an obscure astrologer. I read it. And every 2-3 years since that time, another book or article has come out on the same subject, either trying to discredit astrology because of it, or exploit astrology as a means to make money on something sensational.

It boils down to two types of people who usually put out this rubbish : pseudo scientists or pseudo astrologers. It is often perpetrated by pseudo-scientists, because they know professional astrologers don't use constellations - as seen from earth - as the basis for the zodiac boundaries. They also know that astrologers have made tremendous advances in their studies with the advent of the "Information Superhighway" (computers and internet). Astrologers are not stuck with the same tools they used 2000 year ago, let alone even 25 years ago, as these pseudo scientists would like to portray.

These are not real scientists because they violate the basic tenet of science, which is to enter into a study with a non-biased and open mind. This is part of the "healthy skepticism" of science, and not the dogma of owning the truth without fair-minded objectivity. The so-called scientists who distribute this misinformation about Ophiucus as a sign of the zodiac have only one purpose : to discredit astrology, a subject they have never studied even to the point of being able to construct a horoscope, or map of the heavens at a time of birth (beginning astrology). Their belief - like so many others who have no real "hands on" experience with astrology - is that "it doesn't work because it shouldn't work". Thus, this approach is a pseudo-scientist approach. The scientist has a bias before conducting (or even designing) a study to test the hypothesis that astrology does not work. And he is not interested in a civil discussion on the matter. Now make no mistake : this does not include most scientists in the scientific community, but only those who make outrageous claims that "astrology is rubbish". What is "rubbish" is their claims that they are scientists.

The other group responsible for distributing the misleading information that Ophiuchus is a 13 th zodiac sign are pseudo astrologers themselves who are trying to make a buck on some sort of "discovery" they just made. For the most part, these so-called astrologers are not part of the professional astrology community, and have never been, for they would know that this argument is bogus and misleading. They are not astrologers who have been certified, who have taken exams of proficiency, or had training in ethical awareness, that are available through many professional astrology organizations throughout the world these days.

One such organization is ISAR, Inc (the International Society for Astrological Research). Their website is In their weekly ezine of January 31, they published a response to the Ophiuchus claim that came out in a book written in 1994 (as I said, the issue comes to light every 2-3 years). I would like to repeat the excellent response made at that time by a real professional astrologer, Diana Rosenburg, of New York City ( The following is the excerpt from the ISAR ezine of last week.

Dr Neil deGrasse Tyson, research scientist in astrophysics at Princeton and Curator of Astronomy at the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural History, has become a familiar face on television ; he frequently appears on talk shows, cheerily and with gusto declaiming that astrologers are ignorant of the "fact" that there are fourteen zodiacal constellations, rather than twelve.  He has also authored several books, among them Universe Down to Earth (Columbia University Press, 1994). In this work, on page 210 he has:

"...the zodiac contains fourteen constellations, not twelve.  The Sun, after leaving the constellation Scorpius, enters the constellation Ophiuchus.  It then stays in Ophiuchus for a longer (emphasis Tyson's) period of time than Scorpius, the sign that is advertised to precede Sagittarius.  The confusing conclusion is that most Scorpions are actually Ophiuchans, and all Scorpions and Ophiuchans are currently Librans. The fourteenth constellation in the set is Cetus.  It is a large constellation that dips into Pisces. The Sun passes through Cetus briefly as it ambles through Pisces, but you are not normally informed of this in the horoscope pages."

But we are speaking of astrology, and Dr Tyson knows that astrologers use celestial longitudes ; he knows (or should know) that the Sun enters the longitudes of Scorpius and Ophiuchus at the same time, and remains in them for the same length of time. While it is true that the ecliptic runs through part of Ophiuchus, thus rightly making him part of the zodiac, the span of the Serpent-Bearer, in celestial longitude ,(1) matches that of the Scorpion, and so he cannot be called a "thirteenth sign"!  In actuality, the 8 th zodiacal constellation should be called Scorpius/Ophiuchus -  indeed, the two figures actually contact each other, as the left foot of Ophiuchus treads upon the Scorpion in order (according to tradition) to crush it.  It is this overlap which creates a problem, and makes it seem as though Ophiuchus' allotment of degrees exceeds the Scorpion's.

Tyson wrote that the ecliptic stays in Ophiuchus for a longer period of time than in Scorpius, but this holds true only if the artificial demarkation lines imposed by the IAU in 1930 are adhered to ;(2) the astronomers who determined those lines could not bring themselves to accept overlaps or combinations ; the lines, they believed, must keep each figure entirely separate, and the sky figures, like caged animals, must remain within them .(3) A quick glance at the lines dividing the Scorpion and the feet of Ophiuchus show that absolutely no allowance was made for the Scorpion's upper half !  Ophiuchus' left foot, which is treading upon the Scorpion, is given all ; the Scorpion, none. The poor arachnid, already truncated early on in history by losing his claws to form the Scales of Libra, has been further mutilated with the loss of his northern legs !.

Tyson claims that Ophiuchus is longer than Scorpius, but only if you include its outlying, dim stars ; and since we are talking zodiac here, note that the first stars of the Sagittarius Archer precede the longitudes of those faint, outlying Ophiuchus stars, thus seizing the zodiacal baton where Scorpius/Ophiuchus hands it off ; so the Serpent-Bearer cannot be considered a longer zodiacal figure than Scorpius. The earliest Sagittarius star is variable X Sagittarii at 27Sag15 - showing that the constellation of the Archer takes its position as the rightful 9th zodiacal figure, precluding any claims of Ophiuchus.

And as for the statement that "all Scorpions and Ophiuchans are currently Librans," that's a howler. Apparently Dr Tyson, in his rush to mix apples and oranges (in this case the sidereal zodiac and the tropical zodiac), has got his head in a twist.  Switching from the star figures to the tropical zodiac, one must go forward one sign ; what he (apparently) wanted to say was that all Scorpions and Ophiuchans are currently Sagittarians (tropical Sagittarians, that is).

Although his purpose is not to enlighten but to mock, we are indebted to the astrophysicist on one important point - many astrologers, even those who use constellations in their work, are unaware of Ophiuchus' "membership" in the sacred twelve due to the fact that his feet touch the ecliptic. But he is no "thirteenth sign" - he is part and parcel of the span of the Scorpion, and should be recognized, included and honored as such.

Nonetheless, if Dr Tyson is going to attack astrology (one of his very favorite pastimes), a discipline studied and employed by Hipparchus, Ptolemy, Galileo and Kepler, to name a few, it is incumbent upon him, laden with honors and academic credentials as he is, to get it right! .

To be continued... (next week)  

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