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February 14 - 2011

Raymond A. Merriman©

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The Market Week in Review :

Most of the world stock indices continued to their ascent to new yearly highs last week, even on Friday in reaction to the resignation of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. The rallies of last week were not explosive, but gradual appreciation, as heliocentric Mercury and geocentric Venus moved from the volatile fire sign of Sagittarius to the more conservative earth sign of Capricorn.

Although the stock markets did not reverse downward, the political climate has started to move from the bipartisan "common ground" efforts of the first few weeks of this year, to the realization that there are indeed wide gulfs separating the parties when it comes to fiscal and monetary policies, not to mention foreign policy. In regards to USA fiscal policy, the early April debt ceiling limit is approaching ever closer in the U.S.A. The differences between the political parties are apt to become pronounced. In fact, this is likely to be the case as the Jupiter-Pluto waxing square (90 degrees separation) looms ahead on February 25, followed by the opposition of Jupiter and Saturn (180 degrees) on March 28. Without intervention by the Central Bank and/or the U.S.A. Stabilization group (i.e. "Plunge Protection" team), or a debt ceiling agreement by Congress very soon, it is hard to conceive how stock markets won't have a pullback, especially given the additional uncertainty surrounding geopolitical stability in the Middle East.

Well, there is one way to conceive of the stock market continuing to rally, and that has to do with Jupiter being in Aries, and Uranus about to enter Aries once more. This is the basis for the "Asset Inflation Express" currently in effect since late last summer, and expected to continue into May-June 2011, and possibly even into the end of 2011 or early 2012. With the U.S.A. tax situation temporary removed as a political issue, investors and traders alike are focusing more on equities now as the most profitable route in this "Asset Inflation Express," and less upon commodities. That will reverse again once the prospect of tax increases returns for the 2012 elections, coincident with the 126-year cycle of Uranus starting its three-year waxing square to Pluto. What we witnessed in 2008-2010 may just be a prelude to 2012-2015. The year 2011 is the welcomed break in between.

In other markets, most currencies continued their decline against the U.S. Dollar last week. As the Dollar got stronger, food and crude oil prices were under modest pressure. But precious metals went the opposite way as Silver rose nearly one dollar per ounce, and Gold improved by about $10.00/ounce, perhaps more related to the regime change taking place in Egypt than uncertainty of world economies. The Dollar is overdue for a rally against a basket of other currencies, having traded well below 80.00 for much of this New Year. As long as it can hold above 77.00 (its low of February 2), there is reason to suspect it could rally to the 90.00 area soon. But how long can this rally last, given that transiting Pluto is still in opposition to the USA Jupiter, with transiting Uranus about to begin its square to the USA Venus-Jupiter conjunction ? These are classical bankruptcy aspects, unless one figures a way (or exerts the will) to cease spending more than it brings in.

Short-Term Geocosmics :  

At this point, it does not appear that the major aspects of February 2-9 produced a reversal in world equity markets. However it did coincide with a crest in currencies against the Dollar, a crest in Crude Oil, and perhaps a crest in Soybeans and Silver. It may have also coincided with a low in Treasuries last Wednesday, February 9, as well as the U.S. Dollar on February 2.

Yet the equity markets may still experience a sudden reversal even this coming week. Transiting Mars will form a conjunction (zero degrees separation) to the Pluto in the New York Stock Exchange chart (May 17, 1792). Mars will also form a square aspect to the NYSE Mercury-Sun conjunction at the same time. My observation is that over 80% of the time that transiting Mars makes such a hard aspect to these planets in the NYSE chart, it coincides with a sharp but brief decline. Let's see if it works this time.

There are other noteworthy geocosmic signatures this week that are of interest to Financial Astrologers. On Thursday, February 17, the Sun will form a conjunction (0 degrees) to Neptune. This is a Level One (strongest group) signature, according to the studies reported in "The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 3 : Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles," published in 2003. It has a 79% correlation to the end and beginning of primary cycles with 14 trading days, and usually much less (like, 4 trading days). But with Neptune, there is always the danger that the causes behind such rallies are not based on realism, but rather false hopes, spin, and rumors.

The next day (Friday, February 18), Venus will form a 90 degree waxing square to Saturn. This is another Level One geocosmic signature, with a 67% correlation to primary cycles within 13 trading days, and again, usually 4 trading days or less. But both of these aspects (and others not mentioned) are secondary to the Jupiter-Pluto waxing square (90 degrees) on February 25. This aspect combines the principles of exaggeration and excess (Jupiter) with debt (Pluto). I would think that the USA debt ceiling limit (and prospect of default) becomes the hottest topic of conversation in both politics and financial markets around that time, and perhaps lasting into the Jupiter-Saturn opposition (180 degrees apart) on March 28. With the Sun-Mars conjunction of February 4 still in effect through February, we can't rule out the possibility of a high forming at any time, followed by a 6-10% decline by early April. But so far, there is no technical sign that the high is in and the decline has begun.

Long-Term Thoughts :

On March 11, Uranus will re-enter Aries for the next seven years. One week later, on March 21, the spring equinox will take place at 0 degrees of Aries. In other words, the spring equinox will find the Sun conjunct Uranus in 0 Aries. Not only that, but it is happening under a full moon, and at a time when this full moon (with Uranus) will be forming a 90 degree square aspect to the Moon's North and South Nodes, referred to as "the Bends". One week after that, Jupiter completes it 20-year opposition (180 degrees) to Saturn (March 28) and Mercury will turn retrograde (March 30-April 22).

If you understand Financial Astrology, then you know these aspects portend difficulty in the quest to come to a favorable and popular agreement regarding the U.S.A. debt ceiling limit, due to be reached on April 5. If you are not a Financial Astrologer, let me dissect these principles to give you a sense of what may be forthcoming.

Uranus is the planet representing the urge for freedom and independence. It is not a conformist, and it is not a dynamic of agreement. To the contrary, it represents innovation, revolution, and the quest to "throw out the old, and bring in the new". The sign of Aries has many of these same qualities. That is, Aries too represents the principle of independence. But it is even more impatient than Uranus. Aries and Uranus both want change - no, they demand change - but Aries wants it now (or yesterday). Aries is willing to fight for its beliefs and urges, even without knowing all the facts. It is very primal, and tends to believe that "might is right," or "only the strong (and ruthless) will survive". Together, they are a force that can coincide with ruthless competition, the urge to reach the top, and it just doesn't matter who is trampled in the process, because in the end, there will be change and this is the only path to freedom (or so some will believe).

As mentioned, Uranus will be in Aries for seven years. And upon re-entering Aries March 11, it is quickly followed by the spring equinox that finds the Sun conjunct that Uranus in Aries. As we watch events unfolding of this nature in Egypt and Tunisia, many are wondering if this is just two isolated incidences, or the start of a new wave of revolutions throughout the world. These forthcoming geocosmic signatures suggest the latter - it is just the beginning of a powerful movement to overthrow many regimes where the populace demands more freedoms. This development is no surprise to Mundane Astrologers. But what might be a surprise is the number of other countries - and who those countries are - that are vulnerable to great social unrest, very possibly including the United States itself (as well as Germany, France, and Italy). The astrological peak (and the second part of the 2008-2015 Cardinal Climax) occurs on April 22, 2014. The actual events that mark this period may be as much as 18 months either side of this date. But that's the center of another "eye of the storm". And it could coincide with another economic tsunami - if the debt situation of the world (and especially the USA) is not resolved by then. For that matter, it could be the beginning to the end of the U.S. Dollar and Euro currency if there is no improvement in debt. I mean, how else are leaders going to resolve this constantly growing debt crisis ? It is either through monetization (inflation) or a new international standard currency, as far as I can tell. Well, they could decide to spend less and make more, but that's too simple, practical, and politically incorrect to even contemplate seriously. No one in history has ever paid back a debt of this size. And in almost all cases, these kinds of issues (debt) are present when a quarter phase of the 126-year Uranus-Pluto cycle is in force.

But you know what ? Jupiter is also in Aries this year through early June. This is a window of opportunity for political leaders to do something popular and also to think outside the box. Now if these leaders can just come to an agreement along the lines of common sense.... Wait a minute. I am already falling for the seductive altruism of the Sun-Neptune conjunction coming up this week. Please. We need some realism to go with hope if we are to experience the positive effects of "change" promised by Uranus. Be careful of what you believe this week. It's going to sound good and it's going to sound large. But get past the inspirational words likely to be spoken (or even the warnings), and get to the facts that are correct, and actions which will have to be accountable. What we witnessed this week is just the beginning of a struggle between common sense and radical ideologies as to what freedom - and accountability - really means. We are on the verge of a collective breakthrough in understanding the value of diversity in thoughts, or the breakdown of social (and even economic) order. Uranus in Aries : it is either breakthrough or breakdown. And the difference resides in the importance of reverence placed upon human life.

To be continued... (next week)  

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