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April 4 - 2011

Raymond A. Merriman©

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Note : Our heart felt sympathies go out to all the people of Japan. We have a large readership there, and we hope that the recovery from the tragic losses of the last week will be followed by a period of successful reconstruction and growth. Still, the loss of so many lives is tragic, and will be felt for many years.

The Market Week in Review :

Russia and the United States had something in common last week. The major stock indices of both countries made new multi-year highs on Friday, April 1. None of the other major stock markets of world did that, although most rallied strongly into the end of the week.

It also interesting to note what happened on our last three geocosmic critical reversal dates. The majority of the world indices we track made their yearly highs within one trading of the February 21 three-star critical reversal date. Nearly all then turned down, bottoming on March 15-17, which is within three trading days of the March 18-21 critical reversal date. That was only a one-star reversal date, but the only one between February 21 and now. All of these indices then commenced rallies into Friday, April 1, which is our current three-star geocosmic critical reversal date. In almost all cases, these rallies have been more than just the normal 50% retracement variety. Many indices are nearing their yearly highs, and in the case of the Micex index in Russia and the Dow Jones Industrial Average of USA, they are at their highest levels in over two years. What does this say ? It says Financial Astrology, more than any other study, has forecasted these reversals well, ahead of time. Financial Astrology is, as we have stated so many times, one of the most valuable market timing tools available, and lends support to the validity of market timing. It is not a fool's errand. One day the world might figure this out. In the meantime we can be thankful they haven't, for once such a tool is understood it will likely not work so well.

Financial markets seem to be shrugging off all the bad news, like the fighting in Libya, regime change in Egypt and Tunisia, the repercussions of the natural disasters in Japan, and the continuing debt bombs looming on the horizon in Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Japan, and even the United States. Instead they are embracing the principles indicated by Jupiter and Uranus both in Aries, which we have long ago dubbed "The Asset Inflation Express". With Jupiter and Uranus referring to excessive speculation, while at the same time coinciding with shocking and sudden events, the stock markets of the world are going through extreme gyrations in prices. That is, the trend is up, but along the way there are sudden but severe plunges that take out layers of support, only to reverse again back to the bullish trend. Jupiter and Uranus are both in Aries until Jupiter advances to Taurus on June 4. Could this express last that long ? Yes it could, and maybe even into late 2011-early 2012 when Jupiter retrogrades back to the border of Aries and Taurus.

Short-Term Geocosmics :  

There is a lot happening these days in the heavens. And have you noticed there is also a lot happening these days here on Earth ? Which issue do you want to tackle first ?.

Let's start with Friday's jobs report in the USA. It showed that over 200,000 new jobs were created, and unemployment dropped to 8.8%. The trend is moving in the right direction here, as forecasted would happen once Saturn got out of Virgo and into Libra (second half of 2010). Both Federal and State treasuries will start to see increased revenues now because of this. And to think the government didn't even need to raise the tax rate for this to happen! But Pluto is still in Capricorn, and about to be squared by Uranus from 2012 through 2015. The probability of tax increases is still very much in the geocosmic picture, despite the fact that holding taxes stable (i.e. not raising them and not aanouncing plans to raise them in an uncertain economy) is once again being shown to coincide with increased hiring and greater revenues.

But even though the revenues are growing strongly again, so too is spending at record levels. So the bottom line is still debt, debt, and more debt. Which brings us to Mercury retrograde and the April 8 deadline for raising the debt limit again in the USA. It's a big deal, and once again Congress and the White House have managed to procrastinate making such a major decision until Mercury turned retrograde. Like every other Mercury retrograde since September 2008, we can only hope that they get it right, but in reality, it will probably once again come to a forced agreement that is not fully thought out, causing even more problems than solutions. Mercury went retrograde March 30 and will remain so until April 22. In the study of astrology, this is a fine time to research and reflect, to discuss and debate things respectfully and eventually come to a more complete understanding before reaching an agreement after Mercury goes direct. Any decisions made too pre-maturely then, or as a result of waiting too long, usually have to be reversed or revised later on, which becomes a pattern of inefficiency. It becomes costly in terms of time, money, and good will. No doubt this situation could follow that same path.

But that is not all that is going on in the heavens this week. Mars entered Aries on Friday, April 1, and it conjuncts Uranus on the new moon in Aries on Sunday, April 3. You may remember Uranus entered Aries on March 11 as the earthquake and tsunami struck northern Japan. The same degree of the zodiac is being hit again. These are also the same degrees in which the heart of Cardinal Climax took place last summer. We may see themes related to March 10-17 and last summer come up again shortly. It also falls on very sensitive degrees to the chart of the Federal Reserve Board, so central banks may make some unexpected announcements or policy changes in the next few days. Is anyone paying attention to the currency markets lately ?.

Or maybe it relates to issues surrounding the shut-down of USA governmental services because of the lack of a budget agreement that is due. Interestingly enough, the Sun will conjunct Jupiter on April 6, which is certainly optimistic in Aries. And two days before that (April 4), the delusional and altruistic planet of Neptune enters the delusional and altruistic sign of Pisces, something that happens about every 164 years. So maybe there is hope, maybe the Senate and the House pull it off. And then again, maybe they just come very close to an agreement and then it all falls apart as Pluto turns stationary retrograde right on April 8 - the deadline. Pluto stationary highlights Pluto issues. One big Pluto theme is - guess what? - the debt bomb.

Long-Term Thoughts :

Well let's leave the debt bomb issue for a moment and switch our attention to something remarkable that is happening in the heavens. The 18.7-year cycle of the Moon's North Node crossing the Galactic Center at approximately 27 degrees of Sagittarius is occurring now, having just left Capricorn for its 18-month trek through Sagittarius last Month (March).

In the study of Evolutionary Astrology, the Sagittarius-Capricorn crossover point is akin to the Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere), which is the day of greatest darkness each year. It is reversed in the Southern Hemisphere, where it is the day of the greatest light. In a personal horoscope, it is akin to the Nadir, or I.C., the lowest-most point in the chart, corresponding to where the Sun would be around midnight - the point of greatest darkness each day. It is the point where one day ends, and the next begins. Likewise, when the Sun is at the winter solstice (zero Capricorn), it is the true end to the annual cycle, and start of the true New Year. Thus whenever a major transit crosses the 0 degree Capricorn point, it is a time of ending great cycles, and starting new longer-term ones. This pertains to shifts in collective psychology as well as economic and political changes of trend. It is an 18-19 year cycle, which last happened in August 1992 and October 1973. Check out the political changes within 9 months of those times. But these can also pertain to changes in the long-term trends in financial markets, especially currencies and grain prices. Check out the Japanese Yen and Swiss Franc relative to the US Dollar in the last couple of weeks.

Shortly after leaving Capricorn for Sagittarius, the Moon's North Node crosses the Galactic Center. The symbolism here relates to themes that have a universal, primal, interest. In some ways it may be considered like the "Universal Mind", from whence all ideas originate. Many people experience an enlightening breakthrough in understanding during this period. That is why the same inventions are oftentimes announced by multiple people at the same time (think Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla discovering new uses of electricity). Or maybe it has to do with an understanding of life itself. Issues of pro-life and pro-choice tend to be resurrected during periods when major planets cross the Galactic Center, for instance.

In any event, there is reason to be hopeful right now. The Moon's North Node crossing the Galactic Center is a fertile time for new discoveries, new inventions, and new understandings. Wouldn't it be nice if political and economic leaders of the world suddenly understood how to diffuse the debt bomb? Ooops... I think I just had a Neptune-moving-into-Pisces moment. Sorry! It felt soooo good! Everything was right, perfect, and exactly as it should be.

To be continued... (next week)  

Announcements :

             Can it be this specific ? Here is the copy of the email alert sent out to our daily subscribers at 11:13 AM Friday morning, April 1, our three-star critical reversal date, as the DJIA touched 12,415 :

"Folks, it is getting toppy now as we are in April three-star critical reversal. 60-minute and 15-minute charts are overbought and 30-minute nearly so. And we are entering the next bearish crossover zone. Last night's report stated, "Prices closed above a bearish crossover zone at 12,319-12,347. Others remain in effect at 12,415-12,494..." Mercury is still retrograde, but all other things look like a top may be trying to form in this crossover zone".

The new 2-year high ended up being 12,419 moments later. Let's see if that turns out to be a good call.

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