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April 11 - 2011

Raymond A. Merriman©

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The Market Week in Review :

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" - Pascal.

Financial Astrology, like all studies involving astrology, works on the basis of well-defined principles associated with planets, signs, houses, and aspects. When certain planets travel through certain signs, it highlights the integration of psychological dynamics associated with each. When two or more planets make a certain mathematical relationship to one another, known as an aspect or planetary pattern, it again highlights the combination of dynamics represented by the planets involved in the aspect. Sometimes these dynamics work well together, as often in the case of "harmonious aspects". At those times it seems as if the period is a successful culmination of efforts put forth, or simply "good fortune". At other times these set of dynamics, represented by planets in signs or aspect to one another, may not work so easily together. They coincide with times of conflict and struggle, as is frequently the case during "discordant aspects". In either case, the confluence of several planets in aspect to one another in a short amount of time typically represents a "climax" reflecting those multiple dynamics. The intensity peaks, and then it recedes and begins a new momentum towards the next set of planetary aspects and the psychological dynamics they represent.

By observation and deduction, Financial Astrologers have noted that such highly charged time bands consisting of multiple aspects often coincide with reversals of trends in most financial markets. But the correlation is not 100% or even 90%. It is more like 77-82%, as indicated in studies I have published over the last 30 years. What happens in the other 18-23% of cases was not a negation of astrology or Financial Astrology. The themes were still at work in the world. Events, decisions, announcements, and/or important policies still occurred and they were always in line with the nature of those planetary dynamics. They just didn't - by extension - result in a market reversal. In other words, astrology (like markets) never lies. It always works within the parameters of psychological dynamics indicated on some level, whether in politics, economics, or nature. It just doesn't always work in all of the possible fields of human activity at once that one could imagine. It doesn't always result in a reversal in all financial markets.

With these thoughts in mind, it might be easier to comprehend why the world witnessed so many startling events in the past month, under such powerful astrological aspects, but the equity markets of the world just shrugged them off and continued higher and higher. As Jupiter moved into Aries last January, political upheaval started in Tunisia and Egypt. As Uranus moved into Aries in the first half of March, the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster struck, and a revolt erupted in Libya. But then last week, following the April 1 three-star critical reversal zone, the collective attention on Libya and Japan shifted to the debt limit showdown in the United States.

Normally, one would expect this shift to coincide with a downward reversal in equity markets, since prices were rising into it. And it did for a couple of days in most world stock markets, like India's NIFTY, Japan's Nikkei, and Brazil's Bovespa. But as the showdown to shutdown progressed into the end of the week in the United States government, equity prices shrugged off the threat of default and shutdown, and continued to rise, or at least hold steady.

And yet, if you listen carefully to what separated Republicans and Democrats from coming to a compromise on the debt (Pluto) ceiling limit, it largely came down to one issue that has nothing to do with the amount of money seriously at stake here. It came down to abortion rights, the federal funding of Planned Parenthood centers. And for this, we quote last week's column, stating, "The 18.7-year cycle of the Moon's North Node crossing the Galactic Center at approximately 27 degrees of Sagittarius is occurring now. The symbolism here relates to themes that have a universal, primal, interest. maybe it has to do with an understanding of life itself. Issues of pro-life and pro-choice tend to be resurrected during periods when major planets cross the Galactic Center, for instance". Bingo!.

Short-Term Geocosmics :  

We are presently in an astrological murky period. Mercury (the Trickster) is retrograde, and no one knows what is really going on and how it will all come out. Pluto turned retrograde on Friday, April 8, which with Mercury retrograde, implies many conspiracy theories. Of course Pluto also relates to debt issues, and that has been the 800-pound gorilla in the room (and on television) all week as the USA government struggles to come to a compromise about raising its debt ceiling limit and preventing a government shutdown. Interestingly enough, Pluto also rules abortion, and that has become an unbelievable ideological sticking point separating the otherwise less than $30 billion difference necessary to prevent such a shutdown.

But of course, with the conspiracy characteristics of Pluto being highlighted, rumors run rampant that each party actually wants a government shutdown in order to claim a political advantage. Supposedly Republicans benefit because a shutdown demonstrates that Obama lacks leadership skills. Supposedly Democrats benefit from a shutdown because it proves that Republicans are unreasonable, heartless, and willing to hold up the country's credit standing and cause great angst amongst government workers and military personnel who won't receive paychecks or social security benefits. Of course, that won't apply to members of Congress who will get paid. So in the end, it is all about Mercury retrograde and Pluto stationary and starting to turn retrograde. There is no love lost on these opposing sides with Mars in Aries coming to square Pluto on Monday, April 11. That can be a confrontational dynamic where each side refuses to bend to the point of a functional compromise. One side will have to break, for hard aspects between Mars and Pluto almost never concludes in a win-win result. And for that there is likely to be bitterness. Of course as astrologers, a decision before Mercury went retrograde would have been preferred, but this government has embarked upon a pattern of making major decisions during Mercury retrograde ever since the financial meltdown of September 2008. And in all cases, those decisions have been followed by confusion and the need for changes.

As far as financial markets are concerned, this is the middle of the Mercury retrograde time band (March 30-April 22). Therefore any markets that did not reverse around March 30 are prone to experience a sudden and sharp reversal now. It may not be long lasting, however. The stock market may be one of those markets as it continued near its cycle highs as late as Friday, April 8.

Yet the bigger picture continues to follow the path of Jupiter and Uranus in Aries, the dynamics of the "Asset Inflation Express" forecasted in these columns and the last two Forecast Books (2010 and 2011). This condition continues into June 4, and possibly even into very late 2011, early 2012 when Jupiter retrogrades back to 0 degrees of Taurus (the boundary of Aries). As illustrated in last year's Forecast Book, the transit of Jupiter into early Aries is usually a high, followed by a decline in to middle Aries, followed by another rally into late Aries, early Taurus. We got that decline in mid-March while Jupiter was in mid-Aries. And now we are getting the next rally in the "Assert Inflation Express" as Jupiter moves into the second half of Aries. But the inflation is not just in stock prices. Gold has soared to a new all-time high, and Silver crossed $40.00/ounce for the first time since 1980. As long as there is uncertainty about the potential debt bomb explosion, precious metals will continue to soar.

Long-Term Thoughts :

The only thing I want to say in this section is that we now have a bona fide Uranus-in-Aries candidate entering the political scene. You may remember previous columns describing this 7-year transit (2011-2018) as indicative of an overly aggressive, ruthlessly competitive period. It is probably not a very nice time as people compete with one another for fewer and fewer resources as well as for greater and greater profits. This can be a bullying signature, a sign of little compassion and mercy. But it will have attraction to those who desire strong and aggressive leadership, or who see their current leadership as weak or inept.

Welcome to the first prototype of Uranus in Aries entering the political arena in the USA. His name is Donald Trump, and he reflects the essence of Uranus in Aries. Many are claiming he is just orchestrating a side show trying to drum up an audience for his TV show. But I wouldn't be so sure. Uranus in Aries is not around for just a brief moment. It is a 7-year transit, and during the election season of 2012 it will form its very challenging 126-year waxing square to Pluto. Talk about "no mercy, no compassion!" And just go for the jugular. Something tells me "The Donald" may be serious about his run for presidency. And the debates involving "Trump the Uranus-in-Aries candidate" may be not just entertaining, but entertaining in the likeness of a Roman Gladiator event where the winner is the last one standing.

To be continued... (next week)  

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