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June 13 - 2011

Raymond A. Merriman©

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You may view a video of  Raymond Merriman, taken from a lecture given to traders of the ICE exchange last October 2010, where I discuss the long-term cycles in the U.S. Dollar and U.S. stock market.

The Market Week in Review :

How do you make a sound of a train when it leaps off its tracks ? What does a speeding sports car sound like when its lights go out, its accelerator gets stuck and it hits bend in the road ? And suddenly its brakes get stuck too as it tries to slow down and get control of the situation ? These are some of the images I have tried to convey of the "Asset Inflation Express" over the past year as the speculative planets Jupiter and Uranus moved together through the wild and independent sign of Aries. And these are the images I used to illustrate how it might sound when the express ended, when Jupiter left Aries for the much more cautious and practical sign of Taurus on June 4. As this train derails and skips to another track, there will be moments at first when it seems to be regaining control. But then new problems arise and the fears quickly return as tensions escalate. And this is always a problem, for humans are forever trying to de-escalate tense situations and avoid crises, but usually far after the point when it became obvious there would be a problem, and there would be crisis.

Last week witnessed most stock indices trying to gain control over a sell-off that started as Neptune turned retrograde on June 1, just a couple of trading days before Jupiter ended its one-year joy ride through Aries. Most of that speculative advance was the result of the Fed's engineering last summer with QE2, it second round of Quantitative Easing. That policy announcement was released in the first week of August, 2010, at the astrological peak of the Cardinal Climax when Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto were all in the first degrees of cardinal signs, forming a spectacular T-square to each other. This type of cosmic pattern had not been seen since 1931, and it was part of an ongoing geocosmic development that started in 2008 and would last into 2015, just as it did from 1928 through 1934.

At the time the Fed made that monetary decision known as QE2, this column began to describe what it would be like : an "Asset Inflation Express" headed for an eventual derailing, a speedy sports can getting its accelerator stuck as it lights went out in the dark and a sharp bend in the road was approaching. At the time, most financial astrologers were disappointed that it didn't produce an "event", other than the extreme heat, drought and loss of wheat crop in Russia. This column, however, continued to point out that a decision was as important as an event, for it would lead to events later on - like when Jupiter left Aries and its shared domain there with Uranus.

And now here we are. Not only are we here and at the end of both Jupiter in Aries and the Fed's QE2 policy, but it is ironic how they unfolded almost simultaneously, given the Cardinal Climax of five planets in early cardinal signs made a grand square to the Federal Reserve Board's own natal Sun-Pluto opposition in 0-1 degrees of Capricorn-Cancer. It is even more ironic that as this express train starts to derails over the past couple of weeks, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are back into orb of that same T-square (Cardinal Climax) that was so important July 21-Augist 21, 2010, a time when "nothing spectacular" seemed to happen, but which is every bit as responsible for what is now occurring in equity indices around the world as is the world-wide debt bomb that has been lit and which leaders of banking and government have also known about since Spring 2010 and still haven't taken measures yet to stop the progress of the lit fuse. The countdown to the USA technical default is a matter of just a few weeks now.

Equity markets reacted poorly last week, with many dropping to new lows for this year and others getting perilously close. The All Ordinaries of Australia and Hang Seng index of Hong Kong are making double bottoms to their lows of March 17. Japan, on the other hand is well above those lows.

In Europe, the Netherlands AEX index has taken out its lows of March 16, while the SMI of Zurich and FTSE of London are also getting close. The German DAX is still 500+ points higher than then, but it is now testing its major cycle lows of April 18.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and NASDAQ Composite are breaking below their lows of May 25 and April 18, but still up from the lows of mid-March. However, like their European counterparts, they were headed in that direction as the week ended with the DJIA below 12,000 for the first time since mid-March. The Merval stock index of Argentina fell below its March low, to its lowest level since November 2010. Only the Bovespa of Brazil and MICEX of Moscow performed rather well last week, at least until Friday.

There was significant activity in currencies last week too. The Euro rallied close to 1.4700 against the U.S. Dollar early last week (June 7), but then sold off sharply to close in the mid 1.43's on Friday. Europe has its own unique problems these days, like how to get along with siblings who constantly mismanage their monies and need you to bail them out with loans from your account. It is particularly hard when you can't force them out of the house because you forgot to put a clause in the original agreement that allows you to evict them - ever.

Welcome to the post "Asset Inflation Express" era. You wanted to know how it would feel, and the images conveyed on these pages over the past year are turning out to be pretty accurate. The next question on the table is whether the Fed will decide to save the economy and stock market with a round of QE3, or save the U.S. Dollar by restraining itself from becoming the equivalent of an entitlement program for banks. When - and why - did our central bank become such a co-dependent enabler, and at such a high expense to the savers of the country ? .

Short-Term Geocosmics :  

There is hope from above. If you are religious, I don't need to preach this idea to you. But if you are looking for signs from the heavens - God's writing on the walls of the solar system - there is the possibility of equity markets finding some support this week. Mars is in a sector of the skies that frequently coincides with the end of sharp declines within a week of now.

Additionally Saturn turns stationary direct on Sunday, June 12. It ends its retrograde motion. Any planet changing its direction in the heavens (as seen from earth, because it never changes directions as seen from the Sun) is highlighted in terms of the psychological dynamics for the masses represented by that planet. Saturn's psychological dynamic is fear and worry, amongst other things (many positive). Markets that fall into strong Saturn periods will oftentimes find a bottom nearby, followed by a healthy rally. The question for Financial Astrologers will be how strong such a rally could be ? If only corrective, it could end in just a few days, after which the fear returns. Our attention thus shifts forward shortly after the summer solstice (June 21), when the Sun will form a grand square to that Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square, June 26-July 2.

In the meantime, we will closely watch the powerful lunar eclipse taking place this week, June 15-16 depending where you are located. It should be quite spectacular for those in Eastern Europe and Asia that evening of June 15, early morning of June 16. If the skies are clear, the full moon should go dark around 9:14 PM, GMT. This lunar eclipse takes place in Gemini-Sagittarius, two very volatile signs. The markets might be quite wild then. Maybe nature too.

Personnal Astrology and other Thoughts :

Spending two months in Europe completing the writing of Volume 5 of the Stock Market Timing series has been an amazing experience. Of course, what makes it amazing from an astrological viewpoint is the transit of Uranus in early Aries, in square aspect to my natal Sun in early Capricorn. Like all early cardinal sign natives (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), I too am undergoing many new experiences. Just because I understand astrology doesn't mean I can transcend or avoid the dynamics implied in these transits. Not that I would want to.

I have written previously about the disruptive quality of Uranus on this trip. And now I would like share with you some other personal observations of being in a foreign land under a hard Uranus aspect. But back to my observations of differences I never knew existed before between the USA and the European countries that I am writing in. First of all is difference in their relationships. I am not talking about differences in personal relationships, which would be a whole book itself. I am talking about the differences between how Americans and Europeans relate to their dogs. The European dogs are truly amazing. They understand English much better than American dogs. The love affair between Europeans and their dogs is far more intense and prevalent than in America.

And then there is this particular area of Germany, near Cologne where I do a lot of writing on this trip, known as the Rhineland. The people are referred to as "Rhinelanders", and they have a very unique (Uranian) way of behaving. Hey, I've got Uranus present right now in my life, so I should be meeting Uranian types of people. As an example, I heard the story the other day about a 12-year old Rhinelander who was sitting on the bus. You know, here the children used to be brought up to always give their seat to an elderly person who is standing. So this young Rhineland boy is sitting on the bus and in comes an elderly lady. There are no seats available. The bus comes to a stop and more people come on. It comes to a second stop, more people come on, and still the young Rhinelander does not leave, and the elderly woman standing in the aisle starts to get grumpy. After the third stop, the young boy still does not get up and offer his seat. Finally the exasperated lady says to him, "Young man. Aren't you going to stand up ? " To which the young Rhinelander replies, "Aha! I know this trick! If I get up, you will take my seat! " The Rhinelander is a truly Uranian character.

"What does this have to do with the future of the economy or financial markets ?" you might ask. I don't know. Perhaps even in difficult times, it is best to keep a sense of humor. With Uranus, you never know what is going to happen next, even if you know astrology. But the key to surviving it is to be adaptable and to see new circumstances as opportunities in disguise. Even in hard aspects, it is a good idea to keep a sense of humor and remind yourself that these things will pass quickly. As the Rhinelander says, "It comes as it comes, and it goes as it goes. It may have been good before, and it may be good in the future, but the only thing that matters is whether it is good right now. And it always ends up good, so why worry too much about what it is today ? ". The old rules don't apply, and if you try to enforce them, it will seem as if they trick you. Others won't get up and offer you a seat if that is what you expect. But they will give you cause to laugh if you view it from the Rhinelander's Zen-like perspective.

To be continued... (next week)  

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