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June 27 - 2011

Raymond A. Merriman©

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You may view a video of  Raymond Merriman, taken from a lecture given to traders of the ICE exchange last October 2010, where I discuss the long-term cycles in the U.S. Dollar and U.S. stock market.

The Market Week in Review :

Last week's quarter moon (sun in early Cancer, moon in early Aries) formed a grand square to the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto T-square, and offered a preview of what we might expect into early August. On the day of the quarter moon (Wednesday, June 22), many of the world's stock indices as well as precious metals were enjoying a modest one-week rally following the lunar eclipse low of the prior week (June 15). By the end of that day (June 22) most of these indices were selling off, and by Thursday and Friday they were re-testing the lows of the prior week. Several closed poorly on the week, although those in Asia and the Pacific Rim did much better after the mid-week sell-off to new multi-week lows.

Gold and Silver got hammered after Gold reached its highest price on Wednesday, June 22, since its all-time high of May 2. By Friday it was trading slightly below 1500 just prior to the close. Crude Oil also took a big hit after its weekly high on Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday it was trading below the 90.00 mark for the first time in 4 months. June 22 was also the day that Mars squared Neptune, which rules Crude Oil. The sell-off in Crude Oil coincided with the USA announcing it would release 60 million barrels of emergency oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the next month in order to deal with losses of Libyan supplies on world markets due to the on-going conflict there. Recall what was stated last week concerning announcements made under Mars-Neptune aspects : don't believe what you hear. There is more to this story. This signature combines the principles of anger (Mars) with misinformation (Neptune). It is a passive-aggressive signature. You can also see it clearly (an oxymoron ?) in the deteriorating debt ceiling negotiations of last week in the USA.

In retrospect, it was a wild and crazy week, filled with an abundance of market divergences and leaving investors and financial astrologers scratching their heads and wondering, "If it isn't Mercury retrograde, what the heck is going on ?" Besides the Mars-Neptune square in mutable signs, it's also the translation of the smaller planets to the major planets involved in the Cardinal Climax. Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are back within orb of their cardinal T-square. Whenever faster moving planets enter the early degrees of cardinal signs, the whole Cardinal Climax dynamic of the world debt bomb is reignited. And Uranus in the spotlight is a lot like Mercury retrograde. To astrologers everywhere, Uranus is likened to a higher octave of Mercury, only more volatile.

Last week was also another step towards the eventual default of Greece, as Germany pulled back from its prior promise to support their financial salvation, a necessity to preserve the Euro Union and the Euro currency. Last week also witnessed Republicans walking out of the debt ceiling talks because Democrats refused to drop their demands for higher taxes, thereby triggering new fears of a possible default in the United States. Everybody says this this will never happen, that the President and Congress will come to an agreement at the last moment before the August 2 deadline, but... . they don't understand astrology and the dangers to the world financial system as implicitly implied by the presence of the Cardinal Climax through 2015. They don't understand its eerie similarity to 1928-1934. Of course it doesn't have to be a repeat of the collapse of the financial system witnessed during the "Great Depression". All you have to do is not repeat the same failed policies all over again, hoping for a different result. But how can you realize that there is a lesson to be learned when you don't understand or even acknowledge the historical 80-90 year cycle - and many of its causes - is repeating ? .

Short-Term Geocosmics :  

The period of now through August 25 is special from a geocosmic perspective. First, the Sun has just entered the sign of Cancer, a cardinal sign. As it moves into Cancer, it will form a grand square involving Uranus on June 26, Pluto on June 28, and finally Saturn on July 2. Along the way it forms a solar eclipse on July 1. Then Venus will follow, doing the same cosmic pinball thing shortly after it enters Cancer on July 3. In the following ten days, it too will translate into a grand square to the Saturn-Uranus-Pluto set up.

But it doesn't end there. On August 3, one day after the debt ceiling is expected to crash if nothing is done, Mars does the same "follow-the-leader-over the cliff" thing. It enters Cancer and for the next 22 days it will also form the same grand square. And not to forget that on August 2 - due day for the USA debt ceiling - Mercury turns retrograde. Once again in their never-ceasing-to-amaze display of infinite wisdom, the USA political leaders will be forced to make major policy decisions under Mercury retrograde. And true to the spirit of never learning from the cycles of similarity of the past, a decision will be made that will likely be no more than "kicking the can down the road again".

If I read my tea leaves right, they will kick that can right into next year's political season so that it will be the central issue of next year's 2012 and Uranus-square-Pluto election. And that, to my way of thinking, would actually be a good thing. Let the voters decide if they want a President and Congress that believes the only solution to the debt crisis must include raising taxes on "the wealthy" (those who make over $200,000/year) but protect popular social programs like health care, Medicare, and Medicaid, versus the other party that believes this is a not a solution, but rather a course to a future of never-ending and certain economic decline. It is the big Uranus-Pluto drama shaping up, the biggest political transformation since the mid 1960's when they were last in hard aspect. The last time there were in square, by the way, was 1930-1931.

But back to right now. As the Sun squares Uranus this weekend, and also touches off the Sun-Pluto opposition of the Federal Reserve Board, the end of QE2 begins. The markets have held up remarkably well as this quantitative easing program reaches conclusion. Perhaps that is because the Fed has successfully managed (er, manipulated) its buying programs of US Treasuries so well right to the very end. It was a program that began when the Cardinal Climax reached its astrological peak last summer. And now the planets are back into orb of hard aspects to one another, being touched off by first the sun, then Venus, and then Mars for the next two months. It is Independence Day in the USA next weekend, and the fireworks are about to begin. Get ready for some pretty big moves, especially in the interest-rate driven markets.

Personnal Astrology and other Thoughts :

And now for a break from all the drama happening in today's news related to the heavy geocosmic patterns in the skies.

I spent the day in St. Tropez. Actually that happened on Wednesday and it was yet another enjoyable "first time experience" under this continuing transit of Uranus in Aries, square my natal Sun and Mars in early Capricorn. Like many of you born in the first five days of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), or who have natal planes in the first five degrees of cardinal signs (such as the Federal Reserve Board), I too am passing through a very remarkable period in life in which so many things seem new. This includes the excitement of new adventures, the contemplation of new life styles as I divorce from the habits of old, or the sudden introduction of new challenges in life that were not - could not be - anticipated. The dominant principle of Uranus is "newness". You have your personal history and traditions and all the baggage that accrued over the years. And then along comes Uranus and says, "It's time for a change".

You have a choice and that is the beauty of astrology. You have the choice to try new things, engage with new people living with different daily routines, and undertake travels to places you have never been to before where you can test your ability to adjust to new circumstances. Or you wait, locked into the "no pass" boundaries of your traditions and personal history, until something explodes onto your world forcing you to make changes you never prepared for. Or both. Usually both, with Uranus.

So what is so special about this part of the world that is southern France ? I have often wondered why the French seem so isolated from the rest of the world. You seldom see French natives at international astrology conferences. Being here for a week, I realize how little I understand about the French. Like German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently reflected in a European newspaper article, it seemed as if French political leaders and their politics were a bit like Mr. Bean and his comedy shows. But there is something else that goes on in this culture that is wonderful and unlike anywhere else in the world. It is a zenith of artistic and natural beauty. The sunlight is remarkable with a luminosity that allows one to see more clearly than anywhere I have ever been. The flowers are colorfully vibrant in their deep reds, yellows, and whites. The trees are in various shades of greens. And the scents in the air are a sensual gift. The people are not rude as often depicted in the American press. To the contrary, they are very friendly and hardy, always willing to share a laugh with you.

And their wine. The famous French wine. It is delicious and abundant. Not that I drink much, and certainly nowhere near the level of most of the French I have met. While dining at a lovely French restaurant in the hills north of the Mediterranean, overlooking miles of valleys, mountain ranges, and beautifully landscaped vineyards, the waiter asked me if I would like to start my meal with glass of wine. I said, "No". To my surprise, he asked, "Why not ?" As I started to explain that I don't drink the night before a day of writing, he walked away smiling, shaking his head. The French don't care about explanations and excuses to NOT drink wine at ANY time.

So I ordered a bottle of a local le Provence red wine. It was excellent. What was I thinking ? And I wrote just fine the next day. When you are under Uranus, you learn it is best to just drop all the self-conceived non-functional rules of your personal life and instead gracefully adapt to the circumstances that surround you. It is easier to raise the white flag and surrender to the serenity and awesome beauty that is France than to fight her by imposing your own rules onto her land. If you resist, then you - not the French - will seem more like Mr. Bean.

Now I understand why the French don't travel often to the other countries. Why should they ? The have the best of everything right here: food, wine, nature, air, sun, and beautiful people.

To be continued... (next week)  

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