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The best market timing for Silver

June 24 - 2013
Raymond A. Merriman©

Financial Market Analyst & Market Timer.

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Each of these will also offer the English version of Forecast 2014, as will our Chinese distributor : Your work is essential to anyone who is serious in this field. I can't thank you enough for it.

Go to the sheet for Downloading the video for the Ultimate book on stock market timing.

Course 2 of the MMA Market Timing Academy is now completed. It was a fantastic experience for all who were present, which included about 40 students and apprentices, plus myself as the instructor. The course covered long-term investment cycles and their correlation to long-term planetary cycles, mostly in the U.S. stock market and Silver, but with references also to Corn and Wheat prices. The DVD on this three-day intensive course will be available in 6 weeks, and the uploadable LMS program will be available on the MMTA website at in about 6 weeks. Course 3 will take place August 10-12. The subject matter will be".Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycle"., and will cover many financial markets, including stocks and precious metals, as well as treasuries, currencies, and grain markets. It will reveal the technique for determining a critical reversal date in these markets, as well as outline several planet-sign correlations to strong short-term trends, especially in Gold and Silver. Please note that another exceptional paper by the MMTA apprentices on the long - intermediate - and short-term cycles in Platinum will be posted to the MMTA website this weekend. Please go to view it.

As apprentice Hank Canciglia stated the other day, "The Academy feels like getting into a helicopter. The first course was sitting in the seat, seeing the control panel light up, as you turned the ignition on. And Course Two was like the feeling of the helicopter blades starting to rotate and gain speed, just before liftoff". Well, that's a good analogy. To continue this analogy, Course 3 will be like lifting off the ground, because now we will move into the".tradin". element of financial markets. In fact, I think Course 3 might very well be the most exciting and enlightening of all eight courses. If there is one course not to miss, I would say it is this one.

The Market Week in Review :

Prior to last week's break for the MMTA Course 2 event, I had discussed the idea that the period of time between the third and fourth of the Uranus-Pluto waxing square passages would be the most critical and challenging of all the seven passages. It would feel like being trapped in the jaws of a wild beast. I think, after the past couple of weeks, most everyone can now relate to what I was describing. This is no".walk in the par"., as witnessed last week when nearly all the financial markets we track went through a mini-panic. This included stocks (which peaked around the world on May 22-23, just 2-3 days after the third passage of the Uranus-Pluto square), precious metals, treasuries, crude oil, and currencies against the U.S. Dollar.

The very sharp sell-off was related to news from and about the Federal Reserve Board. When asked if he would re-appoint Ben Bernanke as chair of the FED, President Obama stated that Bernanke had already served longer than he wished, thus effectively retiring him as the FED chief. Bernanke is now a lame duck, and markets didn't like that. But shortly after, Bernanke made his own statements as to future FED policy. Although he stated what we suggested all along - that there would be no change in FED policy at this time regarding monthly purchases of treasuries and mortgage-backed securities - he also implied that if economic conditions continue to improve, then the FED might taper off these quantitative easing programs within the next year. The markets didn't like that either. The sell-off was substantial, to the point that it might now start to reverse the idea that economic conditions are improving. How long can economic conditions improve if stocks and treasuries plummet ? Even the thought of this inevitable policy change created a violent reaction in the investment community. Gold fell below 1300, Silver below 20.00, the Dow Jones Industrial Average below 14,700, Ten-Year Notes below 127.. investors haven't seen these levels in quite some time. But it certainly fits with the principles of Uranus square Pluto. No support or resistance area is respected.

Whenever Uranus is involved in a hard aspect with Saturn or Pluto, you can expect some markets to rally sharply, perhaps to new highs, followed by a collapse in those same markets. When Uranus was in opposition to Saturn, stock markets around the world collapsed (2008-2010). Now that Uranus is square to Pluto, we have witnessed rallies to new all-time highs - between the third and fourth passage, as anticipated - and now we are seeing serious market declines as the fundamentals of low interest rates and overly accommodative central bank policies are reversing from a bullish mindset to a bearish one. In this psychological climate, stocks and interest rate markets are apt to struggle. As margin calls come in, all financials - even Gold and Silver - will plummet. However, this is exactly the type of psychological climate that may soon propel sharp upward swings in precious metals. Gold and Silver tend to thrive when uncertainty and confusion grip the financial community. Uranus square Pluto... the financial community is in a vice that is likely to squeeze tighter and tighter over the next two years, and uncertainty will reign.

Best Trades of the Past Week :

The best weekly trade of the past two weeks was in the Euro currency, which advised :".Aggressive traders were also long and advised to '.... cover all at 1.3350 +/- .0025 and sell short with a stop-loss on a close above 1.3425". We got nice profits on the longs, and are now well in the money on the shorts as the Euro is testing the 1.3100 area on Friday.

The best trade in the daily reports occurred in our special update on Gold and Silver to all subscribers on June 20, which advised, ". aggressive traders can probe the long side on this current down move, looking for a rather sharp rally to unfold in the next two weeks". Gold closed at 1276.50 that day, fell to 1269 on the overnight market, and then rallied to just above 1300 the next day (Friday). It closed the week above 1290. Friday's daily report for July Silver advised, "Aggressive traders . may buy at 1950 or better, with a stop-loss on a close below 1840". The low was 1931 and it closed the week at 2005.

For more information on the daily or weekly market reports, please follow this link, or call our offices at 1-248-626-3034.

Short-Term Geocosmics :  

Several geocosmic factors are now in effect, and more are coming up very shortly. Stocks, treasuries, and precious metals all fell sharply last week as both the Sun and Jupiter entered their last degree of Gemini. Several of these columns over the past year referred to the possibility of a top in stock markets when Jupiter transited 14-24 degrees of Gemini. That was the case on May 22 when many world stock markets were making all-time highs. Jupiter was in 22 degrees of Gemini then, just as it was in 1966 when the DJIA first touched 1000 (and then instantly fell 25% by the end of that year) and 1929, just prior to the Great Stock Market Crash of that time.

Heliocentric Mercury (not geocentric Mercury) now enters Sagittarius, June 22-July 3. Historically, this has correlated with sharp moves in both precious metals and stocks, and not always in the same direction. Usually Gold and Silver will stage impressive rallies. However, when they don't rally, they stage impressive declines (about 80% rallies, 15% declines).

This week will also find Jupiter moving from Gemini to Cancer. This is known as an "ingress". This particular ingress may be fine at first, as it forms a grand trine with Saturn and Neptune in mid-July. Grand trines are considered the most favorable of all planetary patterns. But shortly afterwards, Jupiter moves into a T-square with Uranus and Pluto over the next year, which is a classical "bankruptcy aspec", especially for nations that have natal planets in 10-15 degrees of cardinal signs (like the USA). Note that Cancer also rules Silver. Don't be surprised if Gold and Silver rally while Jupiter is in Cancer-Leo, whereas stock prices fall further and further then (mid-2013-through mid-2015).

On top of all this, Mercury will turn retrograde on Wednesday, June 26, lasting through July 20. During that time, both Uranus and Saturn will change directions too, on July 7 and 17 respectively. The grand trine of Jupiter-Saturn-Neptune July 17-19 is favorable and promising in regards to long-term decisions that may be made, such as the immigration bill (well, it is favorable in the minds of many people, but a big concern to others). However, with these other signatures present (especially Uranus-Pluto square and Uranus retrograde), it is also likely to be a very wild time for financial markets.

Longer Term Thoughts :

"If (the 'Immigration Reform Bill' is) passed, this (provision within it) would. require a National ID card based on Social Security cards and a national database containing biometric identification information, which could include fingerprints, retinal scans, or scans of veins on the back of hands, which could easily be used for government tracking ; the card would be required for all U.S. workers regardless of place of birth, making it illegal for anyone to hold a job in the United States who doesn't obtain the ID card..."

"It is a great irony, and history will marvel at it, that the president most committed to expanding the centrality, power, prerogatives and controls of the federal government is also the president who, through lack of care, arrogance, and an absence of any sense of prudential political boundaries, has done the most in our time to damage trust in government". Peggy Noonan, 'Privacy Isn't All We Are Losing,' Wall Street Journal, June 15-16, 2013.

So, this is how the Uranus-Pluto waxing square is playing out in the United States. This is how the hard aspects from transiting Neptune and Saturn to President Barack Obama's natal planets is unfolding. It is one scandal (alleged or real) after another, following his very harmonious transits prior to February 2013, as discussed previously in this column.

Uranus represents the urge for liberty, independence, and freedom. It is especially strong in Aries. A large and vocal segment of the population becomes hostile and aggressive when these expressions are perceived to be repressed. Pluto is "the hidden secret that becomes revealed". In Capricorn, the secrets revealed involve government activities that have been hidden from public view, particularly in the name of national security.

The revelation that NSA has been "monitoring/intrudin" into the communications of millions of citizens (unbeknownst to them), in order to protect their safety, has caused great collective anxiety in the past couple of weeks, since Uranus ended its third passage and began the fourth of its waxing square to Pluto. The revelation has ushered in fears that the USA is surrendering - not protecting - its guardianship of democracy and personal liberties for its citizens. It eerily reminds one of the classical book"1984", by George Orwell, which was a story about government as "Big Brother". For astrologers, this is interesting because the year 2013 is 29 years after 1984 - a Saturn return cycle. Yet, even more significant to Financial and Mundane Astrologers is the fact that the Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto T-square of 2013-2014 will make a grand square to the USA's natal Sun (president) and Saturn (government). Whereas the grand trine is perhaps the most fortunate of all planetary configurations, the grand square is considered the most stressful or challenging pattern.

The USA may be on the verge of a very important choice regarding its future :
1°) does it opt to protect its citizens from harm (as promised by the constitution) against potential enemies of the state (terrorists) by spying on those very citizens without their consent (yes, I know the people elect representatives who have decided or approved this) ?
2°) Or, does it opt to defend the liberties and privacy of its citizens as promised by its constitution ?.
This is a make-it or break-it period coming up for the character and hence destiny of this country. Whatever decision is made is apt to define the relationship of the individual to its government for a very long time, perhaps the rest of the life of those of you reading this column (the progressed USA Mars is now retrograde until around 2080). It is possible that the greatest experiment in democracy in the entire history of the world is on the verge of coming to an end, depending upon this choice and the actions that follow, because now we know :"Big Brother" is watching. Or, as astrologer-playwright Michael Lutin directed five years ago in Denver at the United Astrology Conference,"Pluto in Capricorn : You are Under Surveillance". I wonder if he knew how prescient his comedy-play would be at the time ? I think he did. After all, he is a world-class astrologer. Astrologers don't know everything. But they know a lot more about the correlation of the heavens to human activity than most.

To be continued (next week). 

Announcements :

             The next course (Course 3) of MMA's Market Timing Academy will take place August 10-12, 2013, at the Management Education Center (MEC) in Troy, Michigan. The title of this course is "Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles. " It will define trading cycles - their length and patterns - and show which geocosmic signatures coincide with primary, half-primary, major, and shorter-term trading cycles in several financial markets, i.e. gold, silver, stock indices, currencies, grains. It will discuss the historical correlation of Mars in Scorpio and heliocentric Mercury on Sagittarius to sharp swings in gold and silver, and how to trade them. This is a course you will not want to miss! The cost is $2750 for non-MMTA students and Apprentices (slightly less if you are). For information and registration, please go to here or there, or call us at 1-248-626-3034.

             Course 2 of MMTA, titled".Geocosmic Correlations to Investment Cycles in Financial Market". has been completed!!! The raw footage of this course is now available, and the DVD will be available in six weeks. This course examined the correlation of Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, and the Moon's North Node to long-term trends and their cycle troughs and crests in many financial markets, including stock indices and precious metals, going back over 200 years. Special attention was be given to the Uranus-Pluto and Saturn-Neptune cycles in various financial and commodity markets, plus the transit of Jupiter through the signs of the zodiac and its correlation to long- and intermediate-term stock market and Silver cycles. The cost of this raw footage or DVD is $2750. For information and/or registration, please go to here or there, or call us at 1-248-626-3034.

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             If you are interested in a review of Course 1 of MMTA that took place April 6-8, please visit here. Or go to the website and scroll down the first page. Henry Canciglia has an extensive background in the U.S. political and intelligence community. He is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, West Point. Henry is one of the 15 apprentices for the two-year MMTA course.

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Upcoming Events :

             May 30 - June 2, 2013 : Great Lakes Astrology Conference, Ann Arbor, MI. Featuring internationally known astrologers, Michael Lutin, Chris McRae, Monica Dimino, Glenn Perry, Lea and Aleksandar Imsiragic, Sandra Leigh Serio, and Raymond Merriman. For further information, please contact Pamela Wenzel at, or visit their Facebook page.

             June 15-17, 2013 : MMTA Course 2 : Geocosmic Correlations to Long-Term Cycles in Financial Markets with Raymond Merriman. Location : MEC Technical Center of Michigan State University, Troy, Michigan.

             August 10-12, 2013 : MMTA Course 3 : Geocosmic Correlations to Primary and Trading Cycles in Financial Markets with Raymond Merriman. Location : MEC Technical Center of Michigan State University, Troy, Michigan.

             October 12-14, 2013 : MMTA Course 4 : Solar-Lunar Correlations to Short-Term Reversals in Financial Markets with Raymond Merriman. Location : MEC Technical Center of Michigan State University, Troy, Michigan.

             The MMA Catalogue of products and services for 2013 is now out!!! You can download it in PDF. The ordering page is the last page of the catalogue. This is especially useful for those outside of the USA, since we do not mail these out by mail unless requested.

             We are pleased to announce that the Spanish publication of Basic Principles of Geocosmic Studies for Financial Market Timing has just been completed. For more information and ordering, please contact

             I am oftentimes asked for recommendations of a money manager who uses my methods, since I won't manage other people's money. The thing is, almost all money managers I know use their own systems. But many subscribe to my services and share my thoughts about the future of the economy, various financial markets, and how to position one's portfolio along these lines. One money manager who subscribes to our services that I would suggest for those looking to structure a longer-term portfolio, such as a retirement account, is Duke O'Neill of Boulder, Colorado. He can be reached at, or 1-(303) 545-5837. For those looking for a professional trader of commodity and futures contract might consider Ted Lee Fisher at Ted is a legend in financial futures and has a seat on the CME. Both are very knowledgeable of the tools I use, of the way I am looking at markets, and yet each makes their own decisions as to exactly when to enter and exit any market. They will be more than happy to assist you.

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Disclaimer and statement of purpose : The purpose of this column is not to predict the future movement of various financial markets. However, that is the purpose of the MMA (Merriman Market Analyst) subscription services. This column is not a subscription service. It is a free service, except in those cases where a fee may be assessed to cover the cost of translating this column from English into a non-English language. This weekly report is written with the intent to educate the reader on the relationship between astrological factors and collective human activities as they are happening. In this regard, this report will oftentimes report what happened in various stock and financial markets throughout the world in the past week, and discuss that movement in light of the geocosmic signatures that were in effect. It will then identify the geocosmic factors that will be in effect in the next week, or even month, or even years, and the author’s understanding of how these signatures will likely affect human activity in the times to come. The author (Merriman) will do this from a perspective of a cycle’s analyst looking at the military, political, economic, and even financial markets of the world. It is possible that some forecasts will be made based on these factors. However, the primary goal is to both educate and alert the reader as to the psychological climate we are in, from an astrological perspective. The hope is that it will help the reader understand these psychological dynamics that underlie (or coincide with) the news events and hence financial markets of the day.

No guarantee as to the accuracy of this report is being made here. Any decisions in financial markets are solely the responsibility of the reader, and neither the author nor the publishers assume any responsibility at all for those individual decisions. Reader should understand that futures and options trading are considered high risk.

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