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The best market timing for Silver

November 4- 2013
Raymond A. Merriman©

Financial Market Analyst & Market Timer.

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The Market Week in Review :

It was a peculiar week for global equity markets, right in line with Mercury retrograde and the fourth (of seven) passages of the waxing Uranus-Pluto square.

The most peculiar was in the Far East, where the Indian Sensex Index soared to a new All-time high at 21,293 on Friday, November 1, as the exact square of Uranus-Pluto took place. Australia's All Ords also soared to a new multi-year high. Hong Kong's Hang Seng was also up, but not near a new high. However, China's Shanghai and Japan's Nikkei were both comparatively flat.

In Europe, the German DAX marched to a new all-time high of 9070 on Wednesday, October 30. The Netherlands AEX also posted a new multi-year high on the same date. But rallies in both the London FTSE and Zurich SMI indices failed to exceed their highs of May 22, which was the last passage of the Uranus-Pluto waxing square.

North America was similar to Europe as the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P Index made new all times on October 30. The NASDAQ Composite made a multi-year high last Wednesday, too. But after that, each index fell, following the revelation that President Obama's health care promise that "You can keep your existing health care plan if you like it. Period". was found to be not quite true. You can keep your health care plan if he likes it - if it fits with his administration's qualifications that are just now being understood. Otherwise, you will be steered into a plan that the Administration believes is better for you, never mind that your premiums may jump triple digits in many cases. The idea that the government is taking the position that it - not you or your insurance carrier - knows what is best for you, was one factor in the market's pullback after mid-week. At risk here is the President's credibility with the public. More on this later.

Gold and Silver started the week strong, with Gold topping 1360 and Silver 2300. However, when reports surfaced that deflation is back as a serious concern in Europe, the Euro sold off, and along with it, Gold and Silver did, too. What is Europe to do ? They have to get the Euro down or they will soon lose their world competitiveness. Did it help that the USA government went into lecture-mode, criticizing the economic policies of Germany, the most successful economy in the Euro zone and far stronger in combating its fiscal problems than the USA ? Well, Pluto is in Capricorn, It's "payback time". Germany was outraged with revelations in the past week that the NSA (USA security agency) tapped private conversations of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, which became a major international embarrassment to the White House.

How does all this play out for the USA and its government in terms of world leadership ? Not very well. However, it is consistent with the Uranus-Pluto waxing square, coming up to form a grand square to the USA's natal Sun-Saturn square, all in middle cardinal signs, in 2014.

Best Trades of the Past Week :

The best trades of the week in the weekly report was in the S&P futures, which advised, " Aggressive traders may ... sell (short at) 1770-1775 with a stop-loss on a close above 1800". The high of the week was 1773.25 and it closed at 1754.75.

The best trades in the daily report were in the Euro and Gold. Traders were short the Euro from last week, above 1.3825, and Friday's report on the Euro advised, "Aggressive traders are short with a stop-loss on a close above 1.3805. You may cover 1/3 of these shorts for your cash profit position now, as this is that critical October 31-Nov 3 geocosmic time frame". On Friday, the Euro fell to 1.3480. In Gold, position traders had already covered several longs and aggressive traders were short from the prior week at 1350-1355. Friday's report advised, "Position traders are long with a stop-loss on a close below xxx after covering half of these earlier. You may buy them back at 1305 +/- 5 if offered at any time". The low on Friday, November 1, was 1305.60.

For more information on the daily or weekly market reports, please follow this link, or call our offices at 1-248-626-3034.

Short-Term Geocosmics :  

A new time band of several geocosmic signatures will start up on Wednesday, November 6, when the Sun conjuncts Saturn and Jupiter turns retrograde, just one day after Venus leaves the expansive and exaggerative sign of Sagittarius for the contracting and demanding-of-accountability sign of Capricorn. Between November 6 and November 15, there will be seven important geocosmic signatures unfolding, and at least three of them involve Jupiter and Neptune, which rules Crude Oil.

The end of this time band is also important because Venus in Capricorn will conjunct Pluto and square Uranus. You may remember that the financial crisis of January 22-26, 2008, began when Venus and Pluto both entered Capricorn together, as a conjunction. It is not just "payback time", it is also a revisit to similar financial concerns that existed then - namely, the potential for banking crises. This also fits with the theme of Sunday's (November 3) solar eclipse in Scorpio, sign of debt, taxes, and cover-ups. Yet it is also the sign of purging and revelations, so maybe in the next two weeks we finally find out some very interesting information on what really happened in regards to Benghazi, the IRS, NSA, and the launch of ACA.

This is the season for investigations (Scorpio). You cannot hide when Pluto and Scorpio are highlighted at the same time. You can try, but it usually results in great pain as discoveries are made. And with Venus and Pluto both in Capricorn, demands for accountability are apt to mount. It would be wise to be transparent now. Otherwise, the result could be damaging.

Longer Term Thoughts :

"If you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. Period". - President Barack Obama, 2009, and several times in 2010, Wall Street Journal, "Canceled Policies Heat Up Health Fight", Louise Radnofsky and Timothy W. Martin, October 30, 2013.

"Obama promised the ACA would save families $2,500 a year. That was flimflam bait... Conservative pundits warned throughout the ACA debate many Americans would lose their health plans, adding 50 million to rolls would push up prices, and this journey into socialism would be much more expensive than advertised. Some things never change. There is no such thing as a free lunch, but voters wanted to believe differently. And the president exploited that". -By Peter Morici, CNBC, October 30, 2013. Peter Morici is an economist and professor at the University of Maryland's Smith School of Business, and a widely published columnist.

Things change quickly under Uranus square Pluto. Three weeks ago, Americans were angry at Republicans for unleashing a sure-to-lose strategy to defund Obama Care (the Affordable Care Act, or ACA) that took the nation to the brink of defaulting on its debt, and shut down the government for 16 days. Today, that anger has suddenly shifted to the Democrats and the White House where reality sinks in that - contrary to promises otherwise - Americans cannot "... keep your health care plan. Period". Not unless, it turns out, it conforms to the White House's health care plan. Not only that, but the rates are higher - much higher - in many instances than USA citizens were appraised. Not only that, but now the White House and its supporters say the plans that are being discontinued were phony plans - not really health insurance plans at all, which has already been proven to be inaccurate. Not only that, not only that, not only that, but also this and that... As the Affordable Health Care Act gets unleashed, a whole lot is being discovered that was not understood by those most affected by this monumental change. The outrage of Americans just keeps increasing as it searches for one object of its wrath after another to explain why their coverage is being discontinued and/or their rates are skyrocketing.

This is not a good time for President Obama, who is under the cloud (fog) of a heavy Neptune transit (it squares his natal Moon, and opposes his natal Pluto). This started in February 2013 and will not end until February 2015. We said it before and we will say it again : Neptune is all about trust. Under such a hard Neptune transit, you can have anything and everything, as long as others trust you. However, if that trust is broken or damaged, you risk losing everything you have dedicated your life to build. It comes crashing down like a house of cards. It becomes a series of scandals and failed efforts, one after another, as one's lack of credibility sinks lower and lower. People begin to doubt your sincerity and your competency, and you begin to doubt yourself as disillusionment becomes overwhelming in the face of reality. The next step is that those who once supported you, begin to jump ship.

There is a way out of this, as discussed last week. It involves owning up to the truth, accepting responsibility, being accountable, and asking for forgiveness and understanding. That is the path under which Neptune prospers most easily. Neptune is not about power and authority. It is about trust and compassion, forgiveness and care for others. It is interesting to note that Forbes magazine downgraded President Obama's status from the most powerful man in the world to number 2 last week. Vladimir Putin is now the world's most powerful man in the world, according to Forbes.

But back to responsibility and accountability... just saying you are responsible (Obama did that) or accountable (Secretary Sibelius said that) is nothing more than words. There has to be consequences for one's actions or lack of responsibility. There has to be something that follows when one is accountable and the effort fails. Elections have consequences for those who lose. Failure of efforts - especially gross failure of efforts - also have consequences. So far the only consequences are approval ratings, which show that President Obama, for the first time ever, finds over 50% of Americans disapprove of his job performance, a stark reversal from where he stood in February, when well over 50% approved of his leadership. Such is the fate of one when Neptune hits and your word and integrity are found to be wanting, especially when the rest of the world is going through the middle passage of a Uranus-Pluto waxing square. Uranus and Pluto can manifest as outrage, accompanied by the demand for change (Uranus in Aries) and accountability (Pluto in Capricorn). Neptune is the scapegoat, or object of that outrage due to a violation (perceived or real) of trust.

This is big. This is not a minor annoyance that will quickly disappear. Much is at risk for the President and even the entire progressive movement that he personifies. Three weeks ago, this column stated the Republican Party's suicide mission would fail and could eventually result in a new political party or two. Today we see the same threat with the Democrats. If the ACA fails, it will splinter the alliance between the liberals and the progressives, which is right in line with the Uranus-Pluto square forming a grand square to the USA's natal Sun-Saturn square now through early 2015. If the Sun-Saturn is the government acting paternally (i.e. "your health insurance is a sham and we are going to steer you into getting a better plan whether you like your plan or not"), then Uranus-Pluto is the populace reacting like rebellious teenagers, demanding to be treated like adults with rights they believe they deserve. Or is it the other way around ?.

This is the era of the Cardinal Climax (2008-2015). It's going to end with a bang as the most potent geocosmic signature of our lifetime unfolds : Uranus in waxing square to Pluto, 2012-2015. We are in the middle of it right now, November 2013. We are living in a time of historic social, political, and economic transformation. If you are a spiritual-minded person, then you might wish to contemplate : Why now and why us ? There is a reason why you are here now. And it is not to let the world be destroyed. We are responsible and we are accountable. And we need to reestablish trust in one another, which can be accomplished by our choice of leaders who earn our trust by their intentions, words, and correct actions on behalf of the greater whole.

To be continued (next week). 

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No guarantee as to the accuracy of this report is being made here. Any decisions in financial markets are solely the responsibility of the reader, and neither the author nor the publishers assume any responsibility at all for those individual decisions. Reader should understand that futures and options trading are considered high risk.

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